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  1. 9 pm routine

    Prevent Thefts With the 9 p.m. Routine

    The Lombard Police Department is reminding residents to ensure that their valuables are removed from vehicles, that their vehicles and homes are locked, and that they turn on exterior lights, as part of a “9 p.m. routine” every night to help deter thefts. Read on...
  2. Political sign restrictions news item

    Political campaign sign restrictions in the Village of Lombard

    With the upcoming election on Tuesday, March 17 approaching, the Village of Lombard is reminding both businesses and residences of regulations pertaining to political campaign signs located within the Village. Read on...
  3. tree trim 240

    Public Works Announces Winter Tree Trimming Locations

    This winter, the Village of Lombard will be trimming parkway trees south of Roosevelt Road. Parkway trees between Roosevelt Road and E. Wilson Avenue, east of S. Main Street will also be trimmed. Read on...
  4. Overnight Parking (JPG)

    Street Parking Reminders

    During winter weather events, parking on Village of Lombard streets is not allowed after 1” of snowfall. Read on...
  5. Water Faucet (JPG)

    Water Billing Changes in 2020

    Customers who receive water from the Village of Lombard will experience several changes to their water billing beginning in 2020. Read on...
  6. Snow Shoveling (JPG)

    Lombard Village Code helps ensure better pedestrian access after snowfall

    When snowfall occurs, Village Code requires a path clearance minimum of 5 feet wide, on commercial properties or in designated areas (see story) that are commonly used by pedestrians. Read on...
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