The Village of Lombard obtains its drinking water from Lake Michigan. The lake water is treated by Chicago and transmitted to the Village by the DuPage Water Commission. The Village adheres to all Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) standards and regulations including providing an annual Water Quality Report.

What the general public calls the “Water Department” is actually comprised of one Division of the Finance Department and two Divisions within the Public Works Department. Water Billing is handled by the Finance Department, they can be reached at (630) 620-5920. The Underground Utilities Division of Public Works is responsible for all portions of the water system except the receiving and pumping stations. Those stations are maintained by the Water Treatment/Wastewater Pumping Division.

If you suspect a water main break, please contact the Public Works Department at (630) 620-5740.

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  1. Fire Hydrant Maintenance
  2. Cross Connection
  3. Fire Hydrant Flushing
  4. Water Conservation

The hydrant maintenance program is a vital part of the Village’s water pumping and water distribution system maintenance program. During hydrant maintenance, each hydrant is thoroughly inspected, oiled, and port caps are greased to ensure proper operability. This process continues to ensure that hydrants can be operated by the Fire Department and Public Works Utilities Division crews in the event of a fire emergency or routine maintenance to the water system. 

4/30/20 - Public Works crews will be performing annual hydrant maintenance on over 900 hydrants over a six-week period beginning Monday, May 4th, 2020.  This work will be completed during normal business hours and will not cause any disruption to water service to residents or businesses.

Village crews will be focusing their efforts from Roosevelt Road to Butterfield Road.  Please refer to the associated map for further details.

hydrant maintenance map