Lift Station Improvements, Phase 1

Tentative Start Date: Late November 2011
Tentative Completion Date: Spring of 2012
Resident Engineer: Kent Williams (ESI Consultants, LTD.) 
Project Manager: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer (Village of Lombard)
Awarded Contract Amount: $277,381.00
Funding Sources: Water/Sewer Capital Reserve

Project Update Newsletter:

Publication Date
Newsletter Description
 12/19/11  Cambria, Newsletter #1
 12/19/11  Elizabeth-Morris, Newsletter #1
 12/19/11  Grace & Central Pond, Newsletter #1
 12/19/11  Kenilworth, Newsletter #1
 12/19/11  Olde Towne, Newsletter #1
 12/19/11  Vista Pond, Newsletter #1

Project Limits:
1.  Olde Towne (located on the west side of Elizabeth Street between Grove Street and Windsor Avenue)
2.  Cambria (located on the east side of Westmore/Meyers Road approximately 200 feet north of Wilson Avenue)
3.  Elizabeth/Morris (located on the west side of Elizabeth Street approximately 250 feet south of Morris Avenue
4.  Vista Pond (located at the west side of the dead end of Westwood Avenue north of Prairie Avenue)
5.  Grace/Central (located on the north side of Central Avenue between Grace Street and Fairfield Avenue)
6.  Kenilworth (located at the northwest intersection of Kenilworth and Third Avenues)

This Project Includes:
Modifications to six (6) stations:
1.         Olde Towne (installing new on site back-up generator)
2.         Cambria (installing new on site back-up generator)
3.         Elizabeth/Morris (elevating the existing cabinet and installing new onsite back-up generator)
4.         Vista Pond (elevating the existing cabinet)
5.         Grace/Central (installing new cabinet and replacing the existing pumps)
6.         Kenilworth (installing a new cabinet and replacing the existing pumps)

Project Schedule:
The associated preliminary site work at all of the stations along with the raising of the cabinets at Vista Pond and Elizabeth/Morris should be completed by mid to late December.  The installation of the cabinets, generators and pumps should commence between late January and the middle of February (weather permitting) and be completed by the middle of March.  Restoration of the sites will be completed by mid-May of 2012.

Contact Ray Schwab, Project Manager at the Village of Lombard Department of Public Works at (630)620-5740 or by email at