Terrace View Pond Improvements

Tentative Start Date:
Late May 2013
Tentative Completion Date:
November 2013
Resident Engineer:
David Dobson/Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd.
Project Manager:
Ray Schwab
Martam Construction
Awarded Contract Amount:
Funding Sources:
Village Funded (Water and Sewer Fund)

Project Update Newsletter:

Publication Date
Newsletter Description
 06/04/2013  Newsletter #1
 07/08/2013  Newsletter #2
 07/22/2013  Newsletter #3
 07/26/2013  Crystal Ave Closure Notice
 08/06/2013  Newsletter #4
 09/12/2013  Greenfield Ave Closure Notice
 09/24/2013  Newsletter #5
 11/07/2013  Newsletter #6

Project Limits: The project area boundaries include Crystal Avenue to the north, Park Avenue to the east, Greenfield Avenue to the south, and Park View Elementary School to the west.  The improvements also extend on to Village property at the former 115 West Crystal Avenue.

This Project Includes: The proposed improvements consists of constructing a pump station, control cabinet, force main, intake structure, sediment collection chamber, discharge manhole, associated storm sewer and a turf reinforcement paver system.  Improvements also include shoreline restoration which incorporate native planting and seeding.

Work on the former 115 West Crystal Avenue property includes the installation of twin twenty four (24) inch diameter storm sewers, five (5) manholes, an eight (8) foot wide asphalt path, topsoil and seeding.

Ongoing Pond Maintenance

Update: April 2016

The Village’s work at Terrace View Pond continues.  In 2014, a pump station was constructed to lower the normal water level by one foot to gain 13 acre-feet of floodwater storage, twin storm sewers were installed to better drain the neighborhood north of the pond, and air bubblers were placed to aerate the water to benefit aquatic species and to limit algae.  The exposed shoreline presented an opportunity to improve the pond’s wetland buffer.  Fiber logs were placed to limit erosion, invasive plants were removed, native plants were seeded, and a controlled burn was conducted this Spring.  Fire helps native plants overcome invasive plants since they evolved accustomed to periodic burns.  The shoreline is now greening with new growth.  Establishing resilient wetlands takes three to five years for plants to sink roots and multiply into a dense cover.  The Village will continue management efforts to realize a healthy and beneficial ecosystem.  Direct questions to Public Works at publicworks@villageoflombard.org or 630-620-5740.

Update: March 2016
A controlled burn took place on Tuesday March 22, at Terrace View Pond, due to favorable weather conditions. The Village's contractor, ENCAP, had crews on site between 9 and 10 a.m., to cut burn breaks; areas that help to maintain the burn from section to section.The Village of Lombard’s Public Works Department, in conjunction with ENCAP, Inc. of DeKalb, performed the controlled burn of the perimeter wetland surrounding Terrace View Pond. The Lombard Park District also contracted ENCAP to conduct a controlled burn on the vegetation located on the south side of Greenfield Avenue across from Terrace View Pond.

This burn is part of the Village's commitment to the health and maintenance of Terrace View Pond. Controlled burns are a natural event for plant species that are native to the area, and will help to control invasive plant species. The purpose of a burn is to control non-native vegetation by mimicking natural fires. The burn will leave behind native plants that are able to survive such fire events. These native plants will create a balanced ecosystem for the pond. This burn is part of an ongoing partnership between the Village of Lombard and the Lombard Park District to ensure the long term success of the pond ’s ecological health and its function as a storm water management pond.

Additional information about habitat restoration can be found at dupageforest.com. An open burn permit has been obtained from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The burn plan has also been reviewed and approved by the Lombard Fire Department. ENCAP, and Village employees are trained in controlled burn tactics and are equipped with fire-fighting tools and safety equipment.

Notice was posted on the Village of Lombard website, and social media accounts. Notice was also given to School District 44, the Lombard Park District and the Fire and Police Departments.

 controlled burn2 controlled burn controlled burn1

Update: June 2015
The Village of Lombard partnered with the Lombard Park District in order to expand the pond and increase its capacity to hold storm water. As a part of this agreement, the Village has assumed the responsibility of the vegetation and health of the pond. Part of this maintenance includes the removal of invasive species, as seen in the below video, and before and after photos. 

Tree Removal and Maintenance

As part of the long term maintenance, the Village, in conjunction with the Park District, identified a number of trees within the wetland buffer area and near it which negative impacted restoration efforts. The Village identified a handful of trees which were in poor health and/or structural condition. Several willow trees fell into both categories. The trees had significant large deadwood in the upper portions of the trees which posed a hazard to those who were using the trail. The willows also had considerable decay present within the larger trunk sections, which was evident before the removal process began, and became more evident during the removal process. Branches of several Silver Maples will undergo trimming to improve air flow, which will aid in improving the overall water condition.

Before and After Photos of Plant Maintenance (June 2015)

before and after 1

before and after 2

before and after 3

before and after 4

Terrace View Pond Project Shows Positive Results with Village’s Commitment

pond 240The Terrace View Pond Project was principally designed to mitigate the amount of localized flooding north of the pond. As a condition of the Park District’s approval to utilize Terrace View Pond for improved storm water management, the Village assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the pond and the perimeter wetland. The Village of Lombard remains committed to the long term functional and aesthetic value of Terrace View Pond.

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Contact Ray Schwab, Project Manager at the Village of Lombard Department of Public Works at 630.620.5740 or by email at schwabr@villageoflombard.org.