Village Code of Ordinances

(updated through  January 4, 2018)

Ordinances Approved Awaiting Codification

The Code of Ordinances above include approved and enacted legislation through January 4, 2018.  The Ordinances listed below have been approved, published and enacted but not yet incorporated online.   

 Legislation Date Approved Description
Ordinance 7471 02/15/18 PC 18-01: Text  Amendments to Title 15, Chapter 155, Section 1155.602 Table 6.3 relative to parking requirements for hotels
Ordinance 7473 02/15/18 PC 18-05:  Text Amendments to Title 15, Chapter 155, Section 155.602 amending the stacking requirements for drive-in and drive-through facilities
Ordinance 7479 03/01/18 Decreasing the number of entries in the Class "O" liquor license classification and issuing a new liquor license to Summit Hotel TRS 008, LLC d/b/a Hyatt Place Chicago Lombard Oak Brook located at 2340 S. Fountain Square Drive
Ordinance 7480 03/01/18 Decreasing the number of entries in the Class "F" liquor license category to reflect the closing of Westmore Liquors located at 243 S. Westmore/Meyers Road
Ordinance 7481 03/01/08 Amending Title 11, Chapter 113, Section 113.04 relative to burglar alarms 
Ordinance 7488 03/15/18 Amending Ordinance 3520 adopted 2/20/92 to correct a scriveners error in regard to the B5 Central Business District regulations pertaining to drive-through/drive-in establishments
Ordinance 7490 03/15/18 Amending Title 9, Chapter 92, Section 92.17 to reflect the fee rates that are adjusted each April as authorized in the Solid Waste Contract
Ordinance 7493  04/05/18 Amending the Sign Ordinance relative to wall sign area in the C/R Conservation Recreation District
Ordinance 7495  04/05/18 Decreasing the number of entries in the Class A/B-II liquor license category to reflect the closing of Roundhead's Pizza Pub-Lombard located at 275 W. Roosevelt Rd
Ordinance 7496  04/05/18 Amending the Zoning Code to recognize parcels of land created by an assessment division prior to 11/19/98 as a buildable lot for a single family dwelling
Ordinance 7497  04/05/18 Amending Title 9, Chapter 92, Section 92.17(A) to add an optional curbside compost collection program
Ordinance 7501 04/05/18  Amending the Building Code, Chapter 150 with regard to stormwater and floodplain regulations
Ordinance 7502  04/05/18  Amending Chapter 151 to be titled Stormwater and Floodplain Regulations
Ordinance 7503  04/05/18  Amending the Subdivision and Development Ordinance, Chapter 154:  Chapter 151 References
Ordinance 7504  04/05/18 Non-substantive text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance:  Chapter 151 References
Ordinance 7505 04/05/18 Amending Title 11, Chapter 118 regarding peddlers and solicitors

Legal Disclaimer

The Village of Lombard Code of Ordinances, as set forth on this website, has been updated through Ordinance No. 7463, approved on January 4, 2018.  Although every attempt has been made to accurately set forth the Code of Ordinances as they appear in printed form, minor typographical errors may not have been corrected. As such, if you should have any questions or concerns about the accuracy of said Code of Ordinances, or wish to inquire as to whether a particular provision of said Code of Ordinances has been revised subsequent to January 4, 2018, please contact Janet Downer, Business Administrator at (630) 620-5913 or e-mail at
Amending Title 11, Chapter 112, Section 112.18(B) providing for the sale and consumption of alcohol in connection with a temporary event at 11 and 16 S Park and 101 W St. Charles Road on October 20, 2016.