Golf social development/Hoffmann 600 Lombard

The Village has received plans for a proposed development of 27-acres at 610-690 E Butterfield Road, Lombard.  The property was formally the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary.  A Plan Commission public hearing on October 19th continued the petition to November 2nd at 7:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Oct 19 Plan Commission presentation

Project Overview
Video (from the developer) - the video gives a visual overall of the proposed site design and buildings
Workshop Memo and Powerpoint - these materials were part of a workshop session with the Plan Commission.  No votes were taken, as the workshop was for discussion only. 

Lot 1: gas station, car wash, retail
Lot 2: Golf Social and Moretti's
Lot 3: parking
Lot 4: future residential
Lot 5: existing wetland (to remain)
Lot 6: private roadway
Lot 7: Village water tower

Proposed Plans
Site plan
Illustrative Landscape Plan
Landscape Plan
Tree Replacement Plan
Architectural Plan
Signage Plan
Golf Social signage
Traffic Report
Westin Parking Report

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