Lombard Woman's Club

The Lombard Woman's Club, which began in 1914, fosters the intellectual advancement of its members, the promotion of higher social, education and moral conditions in the community and a united effort toward the higher development of humanity.  Helen Plum (for whom the Lombard library is named) was one of the club's Charter members.

The members are basically from the Lombard area, although neighboring Village residents are also welcome. Meetings are held October through May at Lexington Square of Lombard, 555 Foxworth Blvd, Lombard, and are informational, educational and social.  Club members aim to help out the community by participating in various activities as well.

To request more information, contact the Lombard Women's Club by email at luella-taylor@att.net.  

Lombard Woman's Club celebrates 100 Years: 1915 - 2015
LOMBARD WOMAN’S CLUB  will be celebrating its 100th birthday in our business year October 2014  -May 2015. From a HISTORY OF LOMBARD WOMAN’S CLUB written by Gerry Watts in 1985, any gathering of women around 1914 the conversation would include how they missed the cultural and social advantages that they had when they had moved from the city. Later in this gathering, someone must have thought “we need a woman’s organization in this town.”

The idea for such an organization became the “seed” for the club we have today. We meet on the second Monday from October thru May, and we hope to tell a bit of history of our organization each month when we announce our meetings.  Our actual birthday celebration will be in March. If you have questions or would like to learn more, please call Joan Given at (630) 629-0817.

Joan Given: d.given@sbcglobal.net