Resident-Only Commuter Parking

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The four (4) parking areas that are Resident-Only are:

  • 101 S. Main St. lot (previous DuPage Theatre lot) (52 permit spaces; 40 daily fee spaces)
  • East Parkside Ave. lot (between Charlotte Street and Martha Street) (48 permit spaces)
  • South Maple St. lot (to the west of the Historical Museum) (28 permit spaces)
  • St. Charles lot (to the west of Fire Station 1) (42 permit spaces)
To be eligible to purchase permits for these parking areas or use the daily fee spaces in the 101 S. Main St. lot, you must be a resident of incorporated Lombard and your license plate registration must reflect that address.  The cost for a quarterly permit is $75.00.  In addition, you must complete a Quarterly Commuter Parking Permit Application, and provide proof of address and current auto information.    

As you consider your preference in lots, please be advised that the 101 S. Main St. lot is temporary. At some unforeseen time in the near future, the Village will no longer be able to use this lot for commuter parking purposes.

If you have additional questions, please contact Tracy Gordon, Accounting Assistant, by email at or by phone at (630) 620-5907.