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Community Development

  1. Building Permit Application

    Please see Village of Lombard Code of Ordinances (Title 15, Section 150) for applicable permit refund and permit cancellation... More…

  2. Code Administration and Property Maintenance Action Request Form

    The Code Administration Division provides for activities associated with enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, Sign Ordinance and... More…

  3. Permit Status Request Form
  4. Report a Building Division Concern
  5. RFP 101 S. Main Street

    To receive the 101 S. Main Request For Proposal document.

  1. Certificate of Occupancy
  2. Contractor Registration Form

    To help ensure that contractors working within the Village limits meet the standard requirements and can provide high-quality service... More…

  3. Register for Code and Permit News
  4. Report a Private Engineering Concern

    The Private Engineering Services Division provides engineering services associated with all private development. Private Engineering... More…

  5. Special Event Application