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Meter Change Out/Automated Meter Reading Program
The Village has begun a mandatory meter change out program which primarily affects Commercial and Multi-Family properties. The replacement of these older meters and installation of SmartPoint radio transceivers will result in improved service and convenience by more accurately reading water usage and eliminating the need to enter private property to read the meter. Meter readings will now be transmitted to the Village via radio signals broadcast from the newly installed transceivers and then relayed from antennae on the Village’s water towers.

Commercial & Multi-Family
The meters currently in use involve water flowing through various chambers, which equates to multiple mechanical processes within the meter. The new meters are better able to accommodate a wide range of flow with less mechanical parts. This means that billing will be more accurate and there is less chance of mechanical failure in the meter. Depending upon the size of your service line, either a new OMNI or iPERL meter will be installed. Property owners will not be charged for the installation of the new meter, however properties are required to have working valves and an adequate grounding wire when the new meter is installed. Questions regarding grounding wires can be directed to the Village's Building Division at (630) 620-5750 or via email at e-mail.

The residential portion of the program will only involve meters installed within the last five years and any new construction. In the case of existing homes, work entails a Village employee fitting a SmartPoint radio transceiver over the existing touch pad on the outside of the house. Property owners will not be charged any cost for this installation and in most cases it will not require entry into the home. For new construction, the new iPERL meters will now be supplied when meters are purchased.

The Village has contracted with United Meters, Inc. (UMI) of Morris, IL to perform the meter installations and associated work. United Meters will make contact directly with property owners to schedule appointments for necessary work.
Questions regarding appointment scheduling can be directed to UMI toll free at (877) 533-8964.

Questions regarding the program can be directed to the Village’s Public Works Department at (630) 620-5740 or via email e-mail.

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