This Division manages the operations of the Department and includes the Director and Assistant Director. It is also responsible for budgeting, provides oversight for the solid waste contract and administers several grant programs. Front desk administrative staff receive requests for service from residents via telephone and email. Urgent situations such as water main breaks and sewer back-ups are dispatched immediately to the proper division.

The Engineering staff performs construction management of capital improvements and maintenance projects. Services consist of contract, project and construction management, project planning, design, bidding and inspection of most construction within the right-of-way. Staff services are supplemented by outside consultants as needed. This Division keeps all surveys, maps and records of the village right-of-way and is also responsible for permits for work in the right-of-way and Village easements. Staff provides traffic engineering for the Village and works with Community Development on storm water management planning and design.

Fleet Services
Through development of specifications for new equipment and procurement through the competitive bid process, Fleet Services ensures Village staff has the necessary equipment at the lowest possible cost. Maintenance activities include preventive maintenance and both minor and major repairs for all Village vehicles. Fleet Services oversees outside maintenance activities and purchases and maintains an inventory of parts and supplies for the maintenance of all equipment. They also provide a mechanic for after hour repairs and breakdowns, particularly during snow events.

Forestry & Urban Landscaping
Forestry administers contracts for landscape restoration of utility digs, mowing and weeding, area tree trimming, tree planting and tree and stump removal. Staff also responds to service requests for individual tree trimming, tree assessments and general resident inquiries for trees in the right-of-way.

Street & Electrical Maintenance
Street maintenance includes snow plowing and ice control, an annual grind and overlay program, pothole repair, street sweeping and general maintenance of the streets including removing debris and deceased wildlife.

Electrical investigates urgent service requests regarding street lighting, i.e. entire block of lights out, and repairs them if able. They also locate Village underground electrical cable as part of the one-call JULIE system.

Technical Services/Traffic Control
This Division is responsible for all aspects of traffic control including investigation of resident requests for traffic control and the graffiti removal program. During summer months, a pre-determined amount of striping is done using this Division’s staff and one or two employees from other divisions.

Lombard holds to a “Zero Tolerance” policy for graffiti. Therefore, when graffiti is reported, this division moves quickly to have it removed within 24 hours. If you need to report a graffiti incident, please contact the Lombard Police Department by calling 911.

Underground Utilities
The Underground Utilities Division maintains the water distribution and sewer collection systems. This includes maintaining the water, sanitary and storm mains, fire hydrants and valves. They also respond to requests from contractors and residents for water shut offs and one-call JULIE utility locates.

Another major responsibility of this Division is managing the Sewer Stub Program. The Division works with residents and plumbers to determine the location and cause of sewer service back ups. If the blockage is located in the right-of-way portion of the pipe, depending upon what caused the blockage, a Village crew may repair it or install a new service clean out.

Water Treatment/Wastewater Pumping
Operating and maintaining lake water receiving stations, pumping facilities (including lift stations) and all water quality sampling is the primary duty of this Division. Four municipal wells are maintained for emergency purposes. These wells are regularly operated and tested for water quality to ensure they will be ready if needed. Numerous water samples are collected throughout the Village. The Village meets or exceeds all State and Federal water quality requirements and the supervisor and operators are certified Public Water Supply Operators by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.