Interactive Maps

The Village of Lombard interactive maps for the public allows navigation through the map interactively, but also displays data by clicking on map features. Click on the icons to drive the maps & switching map layers allows inclusion of aerial imagery and other backgrounds.  If a map doesn't open up completely, it might help to press F5 to refresh your browser. All maps open in personal computers, laptops, tablets & mobile devices.

Interactive Map application software requirements
Answers to questions with regards to linking policies can be found via the Village Website Policies page. 

Interactive Maps

Interactive Parcel & Zoning Map
Includes property information, zoning information, school district as well as Street & Address information.  Enter an address or zoom in on the map to the location you want.  Then single click on a parcel to see property information such as; Zoning, Land Use, School District, Voting Districts, & current Village Trustee.

Available Properties Map
Looking to open your business within the centrally located Village of Lombard? This is an interactive map where you can locate a Retail, Industrial, or Office space for sale or lease.  Just click on the available properties that you are interested in to find out property information.  For detailed information visit our Available Properties Page.

Downtown Parking Lots Map

Looking for a place to park in the downtown & what restrictions are imposed?  Open this map & navigate to where you are & it will tell you where you can find a parking spot.  Hint: If you using a mobile device, click the "Find my location" button.

Trustee Finder & Voting District Map
Use this map to Find your Trustee!  Enter your address at the top left & click on a property to view that as well as to find out your state voting districts, the jurisdiction of a property, or any other information related to a parcel. Also included are the DuPage County Precinct Boundaries. Don't forget to vote!

Interactive Engineering Map
Includes, but not limited to, Floodplain & Benchmark Information. The markers on the map denote the benchmark locations. Click on any of those to pull up the Benchmark Control Data Information page. 1st order benchmarks are in NAVD88 Datum.  2nd and 3rd order Benchmarks may be in NAVD29 Datum. Please contact Public Works at  630-620-5740 and ask for the Engineering Department for specific information on 2nd & 3rd order benchmarks.

Snow Removal Map
Our Snow removal map identifies the zones that our Public Works Department uses for operational efficiency when addressing snow events.  It also depicts the parking lots & alleys that the the Village maintains, as well as plowing procedures for each of the Cul-de-sacs.  For more informations visit our Snow Plowing Page.

2018 Public Works Construction Map
View all of the planned Public Works construction projects for 2018. Search for projects by address and choose layers to view maps of specific projects to learn detailed information about the projects represented. 

Help make our maps better!
The Village of Lombard has recently launched the interactive maps for the public.  Since this is a new feature to our website, we are asking the public to provide feedback.  When opening the interactive map, we ask that you click "CONTACT US/PROVIDE FEEDBACK" and leave any comments and suggestions that would help us better serve you.