Enduring strong winds can be a frightening experience and downed trees and branches make for a daunting clean up. First and foremost is always to make sure there are no electrical lines tangled in the debris.

Generally residents are directed to use the regular brush pick up program. Bundled brush is picked up curb-side for free on your regular garbage day beginning the first full week of April through the last full week of November. On occasion, if an event is particularly severe and damage is wide-spread, Village officials may determine that a special brush pick up will be done by Village crews. In either case, if you have an entire tree down or excessive debris you may want to consider calling a private contractor. The Village does not remove private trees, nor will the Village assume any costs for removal of private trees by a private contractor.

Pick up by Waste Management 
Branches should be no larger than 6" in diameter and 6’ in length, with bundles being no larger than 18” in diameter and 50 pounds. The bundles should be tied with twine and put out for pick up on your regular garbage pick up day. Properly bundled brush does not require a yard waste sticker.

Pick up by Village Crews
When Village officials determine that brush will be picked up by Village crews, residents are not required to bundle it. However, the closer you stay to the Waste Management size requirements the quicker crews can pick it up. Stacking the brush neatly with the thickest branch end toward the road also enables crews to work more efficiently.