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Senior Fair 2022 Flyer 2022 Senior Fair

The 2022 Senior Fair was held on Wednesday, October 5, at the Madison Meadow Athletic Center from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This year's fair was attended by more than 250 seniors and offered various services including flu shots, COVID-19 boosters, blood pressure checks, and useful information from more than 40 vendors.

The Senior Fair is run by the Community Relations Committee which consists of Chairperson Dan Militello, Alternate Chairperson Trustee Bernie Dudek, and committee members Ahmed Ali, Pamela Bedard, Michael Ledonne, Kaveria Lezza, Gladys Piper, Amanda Rosengren, Sharon Vish and Barbara Ware. 

Senior of the Year Winners

  • 2022: Robert “Steve” Anderson and Audrey Schuurmann
  • 2021: George “Ed” Seagraves and Patti Comfort
  • 2020: Dennis Jensen and Carol Anderson
  • 2019: Michael Rodgers and Rita Schneider
  • 2018: Barb Madigan and Ronald Knecht
  • 2017: Anna Weselak and Dennis McNicholas
  • 2016: MaryMae Meyer and Steve Spoden 
  • 2015: Marv Schlugen and Lonnie Morris
  • 2014: Barbara Barta and Wallace Johnson
  • 2013: Claude Walton (only 3 male nominees)
  • 2012: William “Bill” Mueller (posthumously)
  • 2011: Margot Fruehe and Marlyn E. Meyer
  • 2010: Caroline Walker and Eunice Treadway (no male nominees)
  • 2009: Bertha “Boots” O’Kane and Ray Thompson
  • 2008: Alvina VanDenend and Mike Mikulecky
  • 2007: Bill Kaiser and Natalie Insley
  • 2006: Eugene Polley and Mary Ann Grady