Shoveling Tips

The Village's snow plan is designed with residents in mind, with specific focus on making roads passable and open for safe travel during and after a snow fall. This may not seem the case when you find yourself shoveling the end of your driveway for the second or third time.

A common and understandable request homeowners make is for the Village to plow so that snow from the street does not end up in their driveways, or at the very least, that it only happen once.  While the Village can not accommodate that request, we can offer an explanation of the process along with a couple of tips about how to minimize (not eliminate) the amount of snow that comes off the plows onto your driveway.

  • Snow is plowed from the center of a roadway toward the parkway and unfortunately driveway aprons. Trying to direct the plow away from from, or lift the plow at each driveway would result in large amounts of snow being left on the street.
  • It requires multiple passes of the snow plow on each street and in each direction to get from the center to near the curb.  On each of these passes snow spills off the edge of the plow.
  • The length of the storm will also determine how many times the plows must pass down each street.

Shoveling Tips:
When shoveling the end of the driveway near the street, place the snow to the right of the driveway (as you face the street). If it is piled on the other side, it will likely be pushed into the apron when the plow starts curbing (plowing along the curb).

Clear a few feet of the edge of the street and curb to the left of the driveway (again, as you face the street).  This creates a pocket for the snow to spill into and will help reduce the amount of snow that ends up in the apron.

Snow Driveway.jpg