Refuse, Recycling & Yard Waste

Please visit or contact Waste Management directly at 800-964-8988 or 866-570-4702 or for customer service issues, inquiries or assistance. Submitting requests through the portal is recommended for the most expedient response.

Refuse and recycling services are provided for both residential and commercial properties by Waste Management under contract with the Village. Through this contract residents are provided a 64-gallon refuse toter and a 64-gallon recycling toter which are picked up once per week. Please see the Solid Waste Reference Guide for an overview of the refuse and recycling programs available to single family residences. Residents in apartments and condominiums should refer to the Solid Waste Reference Guide For Condos and Apartments.

Refuse should be placed at the curb in covered containers by 6 a.m. on the day scheduled for your area. However, cans may not be put out on the parkway for refuse pick-up more than 12 hours before collection and must be removed within 12 hours after pick-up. 

For clarification of contract and municipal code requirements, contact the Lombard Public Works Department at (630) 620-5740 or Waste Management contact preferences can be managed through (see instructional video.) 

  1. Current Rates
  2. Drugs & Sharps Disposal
  3. Large Items
  4. Where to Purchase Stickers
  5. Meet and Compete Clause
  6. Temporary Dumpsters
As of April 1, 2023, residents are billed at the following rates:
Type of Waste/ServiceFee
35-gallon toter curbside service weekly$13.64 per month
64-gallon toter curbside service weekly$16.97 per month
96-gallon toter curbside service weekly$20.50 per month
Yard Waste Sticker$ 2.70 each
Refuse Sticker$ 1.66 each
Replacement cost 35-gallon toter$55 1st time, $70 2nd time
Replacement cost 64-gallon toter$65 1st time, $80 2nd time
Replacement cost 96-gallon toter$75 1st time, $90 2nd time
Compost Toter$137.78 annually
Backdoor Service$22 per month
Bulk Materials$20 per pick-up
Large Items (e.g. sofa, table, mattress)One refuse sticker for each item
(or every 50 pounds)
Waste Tires$5 per tire
Special Collections$10 per cubic yard
White Goods (e.g. refrigerator, range, water heater)$25 per pick-up

The current collection rates for commercial customers is available at this link. The Village wants to ensure that all commercial account holders are aware that the Contract contains a Meet and Compete Clause, which requires that Waste Management shall meet any competitor’s quote, plus a 20% increment. This increment is to account for geographic variability, market fluctuation, and the services provided to public buildings and for Village-sponsored events. Competitive quotes and invoices, often from a business location in another community, should be provided to Waste Management after contacting their Customer Service Representative at (800) 964-8988 or (866) 570-4702. Businesses should keep their documentation in the event it needs to be resubmitted in the future. If you require the Village’s assistance to take advantage of this clause, contact David Gorman, Assistant Director of Public Works, at (630) 620-5765 or