Street Maintenance

Street Maintenance is the responsibility of the Streets and Electrical Division. Maintenance activities include: pothole repair, utility dig patching, grinding and paving of side streets, leaf sweeping and removing debris in the public right-of-way which includes the road, parkway and public sidewalk.

Within Lombard, various streets are maintained by the Village, IDOT, York Township, DuPage County and ISTHA. View the Street Jurisdiction map to check jurisdiction of specific streets.
During the winter months this division concentrates on snow and ice removal on the Village's streets and Village owned parking lots. More information can be found on the Snow Plowing page.

Public Sidewalk Maintenance

There are 220 miles of public sidewalk in Lombard. The Village has different programs to repair or replace public sidewalk, depending on the issue.

When a trip hazard (defined by Village Board Policy #6D as an elevation difference of more than 1¼ inch) in the public sidewalk is reported to the Village, a Public Works crew will either grind down the higher square or ramp it with asphalt to mitigate the immediate hazard until the Village's contractor is able to replace it. There is no cost to the adjacent property owner to address so-defined Trip Hazards.

When High Severity Deteriorated Sidewalk (defined as containing either (a) cracks wider than 0.5" or (b) depressions larger than 4 square inches and deeper than 1 inch) is reported to the Village, then the Village will replace the square at no cost to the property owner. 

If public sidewalk is in poor aesthetic condition (cracked, crumbling, etc.) or is poor draining, adjacent property owners may participate in the 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program. Through this program, the adjacent property owner pays 50% of the cost to replace each sidewalk square. Driveway aprons may also be replaced in conjunction with sidewalk replacement, but at the resident's full cost. To apply for this program, download and fill out the application and submit it to the Public Works Department.

Sidewalk Cutting Program

The Village also uses a contractor for sidewalk cutting, which is a process where sidewalk squares raised less than 1-1/4" are sliced and sanded down, in order to avoid having to replace the entire sidewalk. This process is more efficient, improves our community, and costs less than replacement. 

Street Lighting

Street Lighting is provided by both the Village and ComEd. The Village is responsible for the maintenance of street lights on concrete and metal poles. ComEd is responsible for the maintenance of street lights on wooden poles.

To report a ComEd light out go to or call (800)-EDISON1 (800-334-7661).

Street Sweeping

The Public Works Department will sweep all streets within the Village limits a minimum of four times per year, more frequently as needed. The sweepers will go through the town one time in the spring, twice during the summer and in the fall for leaf clean up. Typically, fall leaf sweeping requires multiple passes through town. The time it will take to make one complete pass through the entire town will vary depending on the amount of debris needing to be removed. Under normal circumstances, it will take between 2 and 3 weeks to completely sweep the town. The downtown area will be swept additionally as needed. The street sweepers will follow a 9-zone map of the town starting on the north end of town working south.