The Village of Lombard obtains its drinking water from Lake Michigan. The lake water is treated by Chicago and transmitted to the Village by the DuPage Water Commission. The Village adheres to all Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) standards and regulations including providing an annual Water Quality Report.

The Underground Utilities Division of Public Works is responsible for all portions of the water system except the receiving and pumping stations. Those stations are maintained by the Water Treatment/Wastewater Pumping Division.

If you suspect a water main break, please contact the Public Works Department at (630) 620-5740.

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  1. Cross Connection
  2. Fire Hydrant Flushing
  3. Fire Hydrant Maintenance
  4. Water Conservation

Every day, the Village of Lombard proudly supplies over 4 million gallons of fresh water to its citizens; water that exceeds the requirements of the EPA. Before the water is pumped to your home or business, it has gone through careful treatment and numerous tests to insure its quality.

Congress established the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) in 1974 to protect human health from contaminants in drinking water and to prevent contamination of existing groundwater supplies. This act and its amendments (1986 & 1996) require many actions to protect drinking water and its sources. One of the actions is the installation and maintenance of an approved backflow prevention assembly at the water service connection where a potential hazard is determined to exist in the customer’s system. Without proper protection devices, cross connections can occur, causing potentially dangerous situations.
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