Reimbursement Programs

The Village of Lombard offers several reimbursement programs which benefit homeowners and businesses. 

Backyard Drainage

The Backyard Drainage Program was created to help residents who experience severe yard flooding.  This program is available to homeowners that experience flooding on their private property that remains for 72 hours or longer and which effects at least two contiguous properties.  Through this program the Village will reimburse residents for 50% of the cost, up to a maximum of $5,000 to install a backyard drainage system.

Clear Water Disconnect

The purpose of the Clear Water Disconnect Program is to assist homeowners in complying with Section 50.026 of the Village Code, which prohibits certain types of clear water connections (such as downspouts and sump pumps) to sanitary and combined sewers. Reimbursement funds will be offered to homeowners who have been notified by the Village to disconnect clear water sources from sanitary and combined sewers, residents wishing to make the disconnection due to historic flood events and residents obtaining a building permit for specific work as defined in the Clear Water Disconnect Program pamphlet further defined in this pamphlet. Application

Compost Bin

The Compost Bin Program is available to residents for the purchase of residential compost bins.  The Village will reimburse a maximum of $80 for the purchase of one (1) bin.  Composting not only reduces your refuse output, but is excellent for the garden!  Click here if you're not sure what compost is.

  • New! Optional Curbside Composting Program
    In addition to the Compost Bin Reimbursement Program, Lombard residents in 1-4 unit buildings have an opportunity to subscribe to an optional curbside composting program.  For an additional annual fee of $120 starting 4/1/18, and prorated monthly thereafter, a separate gray 64-gal toter will be provided by Waste Management.  Weekly collection on the normal service day will be from the first full week of April through the second full week of December, coincident with the yard waste program.  Service is unavailable outside of this period due to winter conditions.  There are no refunds or service-hold credits for this program.  The annual fee will be assessed and increased each April 1st by a local Consumers Price Index (currently about 2%).  Yard waste stickers (currently $2.00 each) are not required for this toter.

    Acceptable materials generally include yard waste and biodegradable food scraps, and toters may be shared by neighbors.  See this USEPA website for a list of acceptable and unacceptable items.  The compost materials are mixed in with general yard waste collection, delivered to Waste Management’s transfer station, and then processed at a compost facility.  Waste Management typically sells the compost to companies for store sales, for commercial landscaping, and for farming.  Residents are responsible to clean the toter, including removing any adhered waste and also any unacceptable materials.  Toters remain with the resident the entire year, including over winter.

    Sign up by contacting Waste Management at 800-796-9696 or at


Downtown Grants

The Village of Lombard administers several programs that provide financial assistance for businesses and projects within the downtown area.  Please click here for further information.

Hotel/Motel Tax Grant

The Hotel/Motel Tax Grant is intended to assist local organizations with events and projects that will generate tourism and overnight stays in Lombard.  Funding for these grants is generated by hotel/motel tax dollars. 

Lead Water Service Line Replacement Reimbursement Program

The Lead Water Service Line Replacement Program was established to provide financial assistance to homeowners who desire to replace their lead water service line to reduce the exposure to lead and to mitigate the risk of consuming water that may contain lead. Eligible homeowners may qualify for a  50% cost sharing to install a new water service line of approved materials as stated in the Illinois State Plumbing Code and in accordance with the Village of Lombard Lead Abatement in Potable Water Standard Operating Procedure.

Overhead Sewer

The Overhead Sewer Program is offered to assist homeowners who experience chronic sewer back-ups. Through this program applicants pay for the first 25% of the cost and the Village will pay the remaining costs up to a maximum of $5,000.00.  Any costs above the sum total will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Rain Barrel

The Rain Barrel Program was created to encourage residents to conserve water.  Through this program the Village will reimburse residents a maximum of $40 per barrel for the purchase of one (1) rain barrel.  Rain barrels are excellent for outdoor watering use and at the same time allow residents to save on their water bill!  If you are unsure how to set up a rain barrel a video by the Conservation Foundation at shows how to install them.