Contractor Information

Choosing a Contractor

The Illinois Attorney General's Office has provided a handout entitled Home Repair and Construction which provides homeowners with general information about choosing a contractor.  The Village of Lombard is your ally in the construction process.  Contractor registrations and related information is collected through the permit process.   When you are securing a building permit and having your contractor schedule inspections, you are purchasing another set of eyes to help ensure that your project is being constructed per code.  If you have any questions about construction activity, the building permit process, or how the Village can help you make your project a success, please feel free to contact us at (630)620-5750.

Registered Contractors

All contractors must obtain a Village of Lombard Contractor Registration Certificate to perform permitted work within the Village, and are listed online.  To register with the Village, please complete the Contractor Registration form.

Contractor Registration Requirements

All contractors who are registered with the Village must meet certain requirements as outlined in the Contractor Registration Requirements handout.   

Registered Contractors Directory

The Village compiles all the contractors who have obtained a Contractor Registration Certificate into a Registered Contractors Directory ("Directory").  This Directory categorizes the contractors based upon each contractor's specialty and is being offered to the public to help individuals find a contractor to undertake their project.  

Carpenter Electrical Electrical/Low Voltage Elevator 
Excavator/Concrete/Masonry Fence Fire Alarm Fire Sprinkler
General Contractor HVAC Iron or Steel Miscellaneous
Paving Plumber/Lawn Sprinkler Roofer Sewer
Sign    Radon

Contractors that have registered in more than one category will be noted accordingly.  As the Contractor Registration Certificate expires the last day of each year, the Directory will also expire the last day of each year.  A new Directory will be instituted the beginning of each year using new certificates that have been issued.

**Please note that the information contained within the Directory is provided by the contractor upon registration.  Any contractor information that changes during the course of a year could result in obsolete information if the Village is not notified of these changes.  Lastly, this Directory is not intended to be a recommendation of any specific contractor but a list of contractors that have done projects in town and may be familiar with our requirements.