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Fire Prevention Bureau Responsibilities
The Fire Prevention Bureau responsibilities include all plan review and issuance of permits for fire protection and detection systems, new construction inspections, fire alarm investigations, annual fire inspections, assistance with fire company pre-incident planning, and code development and interpretation.

The Fire Prevention Bureau is charged with the duty and responsibility to apply, interpret, and enforce the International Fire Code, the NFPA 101, Life Safety Code, and all provisions of the International Building Code that relate to fire prevention. The Bureau provides services that are aimed at the prevention of loss of life and property and injury prevention. These services include Public Education, Hazardous Material Regulations, Evacuation Drills, Public Relations, and Fire and Life Safety Inspections.

The Bureau of Fire Prevention provides assistance with technical expertise to the Building Division by reviewing and inspecting fire safety systems installed in new and remodeled buildings.  Builders and other contractors can find information for new construction and remodeling projects below.

Fire Inspection Section
The Fire Prevention Bureau personal are responsible for conducting annual or semi-annual fire and life safety inspection of the 1400 existing commercial, industrial, and multi-family occupancies in the Village of Lombard. Fire inspections are conducted to discover and correct any condition liable to cause a fire or life safety hazard. Frequencies of our inspections are determined based on the associated hazards that a site may pose, and may include: materials and manner of storage; maintenance of exits; accessibility for fire service personnel; maintenance of fire protection and detection systems, and general housekeeping.

The Codes address hazards and life-safety issues which can endanger business owners, employees, patrons, and firefighters. Inspectors document violations and educate the responsible party on how to comply with the Code. Life-safety violations must be corrected immediately; other types of violations, however, must be corrected within thirty (30) business days.

Automatic fire sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, commercial cooking hood suppression systems, and other life safety systems are required to be periodically inspected by licensed contractors.  The Fire Prevention Bureau does not conduct these inspections, but does review all inspection reports to ensure that building safety systems are being maintained in fully operable condition.

Plan Review Section
The Plan Review Section in liaison with the supervision of the Building Division and Community Development, examines various construction plans to ensure compliance with the Building Code, the Fire Code, the Life Safety Code and NFPA Standards. The various plans that the Plan Review Section reviews includes site plans, fire protection equipment and systems, above-ground and underground storage tanks, egress requirements and Special Use situations.

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