Patrol Unit

Community Oriented Policing

In 1993 the Lombard Police Department adopted Community Oriented Policing (C.O.P.) as the style of policing throughout the neighborhoods of the Village. Community Oriented Policing is a strategic problem-solving style of policing intended to broaden the department's mandate beyond a narrow focus on crime fighting to include efforts that address:

  • Fear of crime
  • Social and physical disorder
  • Quality of life issues of the community

Throughout the year, officers have attacked neighborhood problems such as repeat calls for service, domestic violence, traffic problems, nuisances, housing ordinance violations and graffiti and gang-related issues. 

The methods used by officers to address these issues regularly include strategies that deal with the underlying problems of the community. This approach has begun a partnership between the department and each neighborhood that is working toward preventing crime and ensuring a high quality of life for the community. 

Police Beat Map

The Village is divided into eight beat patrols named Lincoln 1, 2, 4, 6, & 8. Officers are assigned to each beat or reporting area during their shifts. 

Use the interactive Lombard Beat map below to find what beat your residence is in along with more information.