Overland Flooding

Cause: Windows or doors are below floodplain elevation
Solution: Construct floodwalls/berms or raise the house.

Some older homes were constructed in floodplains. A floodwall or berm can be constructed around low points such as doorways and window wells to prevent water from entering the house.  In more extreme cases, the house can be raised above the floodplain elevation. Advantages of the latter can be reduced flood insurance premiums and increased resale value.

View the flood plain maps for the Village of Lombard

Cause: Inadequate local drainage around the house
Solution: Install a storm sewer or improve swales.

Drain tiles and swales provide a pathway for water to flow through higher land. Drain tiles should slope at least two percent (two feet of fall for every 100 feet of length). Drain tiles may be perforated (water seeps into tile) or non-perforated (water enters through inlets). Drain tiles discharge either to a front yard or into a storm sewer inlet, as allowed by the Village. Connection to a combined sewer (sanitary and storm) is not permitted.

Swales should slope at least one percent (one foot of fall for every 100 feet). Gutter downspouts should extend to swales via non-perforated tiles. The ground surface around the house should slope away from the foundation toward the swales.

Cause: Drainage is blocked
Solution: Remove blockage.

Drainage problems in a floodplain can develop over time from debris, sedimentation or unauthorized construction. Removal of these obstructions can restore proper drainage.

The Village's Public Works Department should be contacted if a blockage is a public right-of-way such as in a road culvert or ditch.  Property owners are responsible for drainage on private property.  Contact the Village's Community Development Department at (630) 620-5749 if there is a dispute over the removal of a blockage on private property.

Note that debris removal from a culvert during heavy rainfall can be hazardous.  Therefore, preventative maintenance is best to ensure adequate drainage.