In the Community

The Lombard Police Department is committed to providing residents with an approachable Police Force. Lombard Police provide residents and community members opportunities to interact with the department through the Citizens Police Academy, events, and presentations. Additionally Lombard Police provides fingerprinting services to businesses. 

  1. Citizens Police Academy

Citizens Police Academy 

The Citizens Police Academy is a free program available to residents and community members, interested in learning about the various aspects of the police department. Classes for the academy are held one day a week for ten weeks, concluding with a graduation. The course curriculum contains a condensed version of basic police training with practical exercises and lectures taught by Lombard officers on the following:
  • Community oriented policing
  • Crime prevention
  • Laws of arrest
  • Search & seizure
  • Domestic Violence
  • Investigations
  • Police Dog Protocols & Training
  • Firearms training
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Police defensive tactics
  • Ride along in a police squad

"Citizens Police Academies" have been used nationwide by numerous police departments. They report outstanding results in gaining citizen support. As a result, graduates of the academy act as representatives for gaining community support for their police departments and enhance the community policing efforts to reduce crime and fear of crime.

The program provides an opportunity for citizens to meet members of the Lombard Police force, while gaining a hands-on experience of police work. The free classes will take place Tuesday nights, 7 to 9:30 p.m., over a ten-week period.

Contact Sgt. Joe Menolascino at (630) 873-4497 with any questions.  

Lombard Police Academy Alumni Association

The Lombard Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association's (LCPAAA) is composed of citizens that have completed the Lombard Citizen Police Academy. The group's main function is to present and promote a positive image of the Lombard Police Department and law enforcement as a whole. They also provide invaluable volunteer help to the Lombard Police Department when called upon for various Village events.

With an active membership of approximately 50 members, the LCPAAA can be found at various events in the community. Members have gone through the Police Department's Citizen Police Academy and have joined together to foster volunteer help in support of the Police Department.

Anyone interested in joining the LCPAAA, please email them for more information.