Fire Department Centennial Celebration


Lombard Fire Department Centennial Celebration, proclaimed at the January 3, 2013 Lombard Board of Trustees meeting.

WHEREAS, the Village of Lombard is commemorating January 3, 1913 as the first meeting of the Lombard Fire Department; and

WHEREAS, the Lombard Fire Department was formed 100 years ago with the intention of saving lives and property; and

WHEREAS, the first piece of fire equipment in 1913 was a two wheel, hose reel pulled by the men themselves; and

WHEREAS, in 1919 the first motor driven fire truck was purchased through a bond issue from American LeFrance Fire Company; and

WHEREAS, on January 3, 1913, the following individuals were present at the first meeting: Chief Charles Mech, Fred Fischer, Emil Birr, Paul Fischer, Edward Bradley, Bernard Hammerschmidt, A.J. Keiler, Louis Schuetz, William Oetke, Charles Oetke, George O’Connor, Fred Mech, Arthur Marquardt, Edward Birr, Albert Troyke, William Stock and George Fabri; and

WHEREAS, the Centennial Committee and the Village of Lombard wish to honor those who, for 100 years, protected our community; and

WHEREAS, today marks the 100 year anniversary of the Lombard Fire Department, and

NOW, THEREFORE, I Peter Breen, Acting Village President, do hereby proclaim January 3, 2013 as LOMBARD FIRE DEPARTMENT CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION KICK-OFF in the Village of Lombard.