Snow Removal Regulations

Lombard ordinance requires snow removal from public sidewalks adjacent to commercial properties.  Within 24 hours of the end of each snowstorm, public sidewalks (near the street) adjacent to commercial properties must have a path cleared to provide safe passage so pedestrians do not have to walk in the street.  This is particularly important in areas of high pedestrian traffic including Main Street near Glenbard East High School, Downtown, and along Roosevelt Road.  

While the ordinance does not require snow removal from public sidewalks abutting residential properties, the same hazards exist. Some people have expressed a concern regarding liability involved in removing snow, but the Illinois Snow and Ice Removal Act (745 ILCS 75/2) provides that anyone who "removes or attempts to remove snow or ice from sidewalks abutting the property shall not be liable for any personal injuries allegedly caused by the snowy or icy condition of the sidewalk."

Please help keep the pedestrians of our community safe by keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice.