Fire Department Services

Station Tours and Block Parties

Both fire stations are open for tours. If you are passing by the station and would like to stop in with your children, please feel free to do so. The fire stations are open for tours from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

If you have a group that would like a tour, please dial (630) 620-5736 during normal business hours to arrange one. When requesting a group tour, please allow a one-week notice.

We would be happy to have a fire engine or ambulance stop at your block parties. Advance notice for these requests is needed. The personnel and equipment that make appearances at block parties are the on-duty companies and due to scheduled duties, and emergency responses, they are limited to the number of block parties they can attend. Please keep in mind that we can not give you a specific time that the companies will show up. There may be times that due to the number of calls we may not even be able to show up at all. If you would like to request the Fire Department for your block party, make your request as early as possible.


The Fire Department would be happy to make a presentation on a fire safety topic to your group. If you would like additional information on our speakers, please call Fire Administration at (630) 620-5736.

Home Safety Surveys

The Fire Department will upon request, come to your home and do a free Home Safety Survey. This is not an inspection and we do not issue any type of violation notices. This is a walk-though with the homeowner to discuss any potential life safety problems. Items covered in this survey are the number and location of smoke and CO detectors. A fire escape plan can also be developed as well as the type and size of fire extinguishers. For further information, or to schedule a survey, please call the Bureau of Fire Prevention at (630) 620-5750.