Snow Removal Regulations

Snow Removal in Downtown Lombard

When snow falls, Village Code requires a path clearance minimum of 5 feet wide for commercial properties in the four designated areas listed below, which are commonly used by pedestrians. The Code also requires property owners to clear abutting sidewalks within these zones, as well as the sidewalk areas that lead up to intersections on corners. In addition to commercial property owners, Village Code provisions also require residential property owners to clear public sidewalks along the following street segments, regardless of the zoning designation.

  • St. Charles Road from Elizabeth Street to Martha Street;
  • Main Street from Grove Avenue to Washington Boulevard;
  • Park Avenue from Orchard Terrace to McGuire Drive; and
  • Westmore-Meyers Road from Division Street to North Broadway.

Clearing of sidewalks will be required within 24 hours of the end of each snow event. Failure to do so may result in follow up action from the Village’s Code Enforcement  staff.

Please contact Code Enforcement at 630-620-5757 or for more information.

*Please note - residential districts are not required to remove snow from the Village sidewalk.*

Snow Removal for Commercial Properties

  • All snow shall be cleared and placed upon private property.  However, in cases in which there is no private land in which to place the cleared snow (such as in the downtown Lombard area), snow can be placed along the curb line. The required path is sixty (60) inches of clearance, to provide additional accessibility and safety.
  • All public sidewalks abutting a street are required to be cleared including the points that intersect as shown below.
    Snow Code (JPG)

What should property owners do if the sidewalk is covered in snow and ice from other plowing operations?

For private plowing activities, please inform your contractor of the sidewalk clearing obligation. Private property owners are only obligated to clear the sidewalk areas up to the curb line.  Please note that sometimes plowing of streets may result in additional snow being pushed onto the public sidewalk – you will need to take steps to ensure that all snow is removed from the sidewalk after a snow event.

What should be done about icing on the sidewalk?

For iced sidewalks, you can place salt or another type of abrasive on the area and follow up with clearing of the walkways as soon as possible.

Who should I contact if I have further questions regarding snow clearing activities?

Please feel free to contact the Community Development Department at (630) 620-5757 or