Aggressive Driving

Vehicles collideAggressive driving encompasses a number of unlawful and dangerous actions. These actions include but are not limited to exceeding posted speed limits, violating traffic signs and signals, following too closely, changing lanes without signaling or yielding to other drivers, and passing on the shoulder. According to NHTSA, drivers who commit these violations are likely contributors to the more than 6 million traffic crashes that occur in the United States each year. The more highly publicized “road rage” is a criminal offense that goes beyond carelessness to willful disregard for the safety of others. Aggressive driving can escalate into road rage, sometimes with tragic consequences.

The Lombard Police Department takes aggressive and reckless driving very seriously and has adopted a strict enforcement position for aggressive and reckless driving. By taking this position, we hope to reduce the number of traffic crashes and the injuries that accompany them.

Please help us reduce the number of traffic crashes and injuries by not engaging in aggressive or reckless driving behavior.