Walking & Biking in Lombard

Great Western Trail Bridge Opening

The Village of Lombard encourages residents and visitors alike to enjoy walking and bicycling in our town. Lombard is fortunate to have two major regional trails that pass through the town in close proximity to the downtown area.

On this page you will find interactive maps, as well as other useful links to help plan your trip and make it safe and enjoyable!

Bike Locker Rental Pilot Program

The Village has 24 bike lockers available for rental on a first come-first serve basis located North and South of the Metra Station. 

  • The rental period will run from April 1 through March 31.
  • Users will be responsible for submitting a completed Space Use Agreement that defines the terms and conditions of the use of the locker. 
  • There will be no fee collected or deposit required for the use of the lockers.
  • The Village will provide keyed padlocks to the renters that will be used at all times during the rental.
  • The Village will perform a "spring cleaning" of the lockers in April and will provide renters notice of the need to remove material no less than 7 days prior to clean up taking place.

Once participants fill out a Space Use Agreement, a staff member will contact you with further details.

Interactive Maps

Village of Lombard Bicycle & Pedestrian Map

Bicycle-Pedestrian Network

DuPage County Trails Map

DuPage County Trails Map

The Village Board and staff recognize the importance of providing usable infrastructure including paths, improved crossings, bike lanes and sidewalks to facilitate walking and biking throughout town.

Biking Montage