Lombard Pride Committee

The Lombard Pride Committee was created by the Village of Lombard in 2015 to support the Village Board in evaluating potential future community festivals and advising on other matters concerning special events within the Village. Following initial preparatory work, the Committee issued a Request for Proposals seeking special event proposals from local not-for-profit organizations. Despite some initial interest, no formal responses to the Village Request for Proposals were received. 

The Lombard Pride Committee has concluded its work on community festivals and special events and has prepared a Final Report & Recommendation which has been reviewed and accepted by the Village Board of Trustees. The Final Report & Recommendation details the past work of the Committee and identifies a number of recommendations moving forward for the Village.

In concluding its work, the Lombard Pride Committee made the following four recommendations: 

• The Village should continue with the Fourth of July fireworks display.
• The Village should continue support of year-round special events.
• The Village should remain open to special event proposals from interested organizations.
• The Village should implement the proposed special events communications plan.

The Village Board of Trustees has reviewed the Lombard Pride Committee's Final Report and voted to accept the recommendations of the Committee.   Accordingly, the Village of Lombard will host a Fourth of July fireworks display in 2016, will continue to support funding and planning of special events year round, will continue to accept special event proposals from interested organizations, and will implement communications consistent with the proposed special event communications plan. View Press Release

Requests for Proposal Information

Reference materials regarding the Fall 2015 Special Event Request for Proposal, including the RFP specifications and informational Q&A are available for review here:  

The Village of Lombard, through the Lombard Pride Committee, issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) in the Fall of 2015, seeking a qualified not-for-profit group to plan and operate a future Village-wide summer community event or festival.  Pursuant to the recommendation of the Lombard Pride Committee, the Village of Lombard remains open to proposals for special events or festivals from interested local not-for-profit organizations.  For more information on submitting a proposal for a special event or festival, please contact Deputy Village Manager Nicole Aranas at 630-620-3085.  

Lombard Pride Committee

  • Village President Keith Giagnorio, Chairperson (2021)
  • Village Clerk Liz Brezinski, Alternate Chairperson (2025)
  • Ellen Bachner
  • Brittney Conway
  • Bob Difino
  • Jenelle Hardtke
  • Jeffrey Lenz
  • Melissa Schmitz
  • Dave Kundrot (Park District)
  • Yvonne Invergo (Chamber)
  • Dana Schiewe (Student)
  • Staff Liaisons: Scott Niehaus, Village Manager; Nicole Aranas, Assistant Village Manager