2020 Census

The deadline for completing the 2020 Census has been MOVED TO OCTOBER 15 AT 4:59 A.M.!  You can respond online, by phone at (844) 330-2020 or by mail.

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August 2020 Update

Census Takers Begin In Person Visits to Unresponsive Households in Lombard Beginning August 11  

As part of its Non-response Followup Operation (NRFU), the U.S. Census Bureau is visiting every household that has not already responded to the 2020 Census to ensure a complete and accurate count. Census takers are scheduled to visit non-responding households in Lombard between August 11 – September 30, 2020.

When visiting homes, Census takers will:

  • help you and everyone in your home be counted in the 2020 Census.
  • ask a few questions and enter answers on their secure Census Bureau smart phone.
  • leave a notice with information on how to respond online, if no one comes to the door.
  • maintain social distancing protocols and requirements with regard to health and safety.
  • make additional visits to collect response from the household.

Homes that have responded to the 2020 Census online (www.my2020census.gov) or over the phone (855-562-2020) are less likely to receive a visit from a  Census taker.

If you respond online or by phone today, a census taker is less likely to have to visit your home to collect your response. RESPOND TODAY at www.my2020census.gov or call 800-923-8282. 

About Census Takers

  • Census takers are hired locally to help you and everyone in your home be counted in the 2020 Census.
  • Census takers will follow social distancing protocols and all applicable state and local requirements with regard to health and safety. 
  • Census takers will wear masks and follow local public health guidelines when they visit your home.
  • U.S. Census Bureau Census takers are not covered by the current local ban on commercial solicitation and charitable door-to-door sales because they will not be soliciting funds or conducting commercial sales and because the Census is an essential government activity mandated by the U.S. Constitution.
  • If someone visits your home this year to collect information for the 2020 Census, check to make sure they have a valid ID badge with their photograph, a U.S. Department of Commerce watermark, and an expiration date. Census workers may also carry Census Bureau bags and other equipment with the Census Bureau logo. For more information on the Census how to safely identify census takers, please visit www.villageoflombard.org/2020census.

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About the 2020 Census

The 2020 Census counts every person living in the 50 states, District of Columbia and the five U.S. territories. It is essential that all those living in your household be counted. For the first time ever, citizens may complete the census online at www.my2020census.gov or by phone at 1-800-923-8282.

When completing the census, you should include everyone that was living in your home on April 1, 2020. This includes newborns, older individuals and non-family members.

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Lombard Needs Your Participation in the 2020 Census 

Participation in the Census is of critical importance to the Village of Lombard. Census data directly impacts local funding, electoral representation and local decisions: 

  • Funding -  The Census directly impacts the funding Lombard will receive over the next decade.  Federal and State funds received by the Village are based upon Census data counts.  Undercounted or missed persons in this census will directly impact how much overall funding is made available to Lombard to support a multitude of local community services, projects, and programs.       
  • Representation - Accurate census data helps ensure fair representation at all levels of government.  Census counts determine the how many Congressional representatives each state gets and are used to redraw federal, state and local district boundaries.   
  • Planning and Decision Making - Census data is the most reliable and complete population information available for research, decision making and planning.   Businesses of all types and sizes and all levels of government rely on census data to inform their research, decision making and planning for issues including emergency preparedness, schools, roads, hospitals and other important resources and policy decisions.   


Why conduct a Census?

The 2020 Census is vital for communities across the United States. Your response shapes decisions about how public funds are spent for things like schools, fire and emergency services, and health care hospitals/clinics for your community—as well as your congressional representation.

It’s also in the US Constitution The US Constitution requires that everyone living in the country be counted every 10 years.The 2020 Census will mark the 24th time that the country has counted its population since 1790. 

How do I take the 2020 Census?

Beginning in mid-March, people received a notice in the mail to complete the 2020 Census. You can respond online but if you prefer another option, you can still respond by phone or mail. The census will collect basic information about the people living in your household. Anyone living at your home on April 1, 2020 should be counted.

Is my data safe?

Strict federal law protects your census responses. Your responses cannot be used against you and can only be used to produce statistics that help inform important decisions for your community.  

The Census Bureau will never ask for: Social Security numbers, bank or credit card account numbers, money, donations, or anything on behalf of a political party.

How will the 2020 Census be used?

The 2020 Census is important for you and your community. The results can affect the amount of funding your community receives; planning for the future by ensuring public services, funding for schools, hospitals and public safety/emergency preparedness. It can impact housing, transportation, employment, future businesses, and public policy.

Census data will be used to determine how much funding the Village of Lombard receives from the Federal and State Government.   

How does the 2020 Census affect representation?

The census data is used to redraw the boundaries of congressional and state legislative districts and accurately determine the number of congressional seats each state has in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Census data will be used to determine legislative districts, affecting federal, state and local representation.   


Who do we count in our household?

When completing the census, you will include everyone living in your home on April 1, 2020. Everyone living in your household includes newborns, older individuals and non-family members all should be counted.

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