Water Fill Station

A water fill station is available to the public at Public Works, 1051 S. Hammerschmidt Avenue, Lombard. The station is located west of the Public Works building in the drive lane for the fuel pumps. The minimum charge is $3.00 per 250 gallons, or a portion thereof. You will be required to set-up an account to use the fill station. 

How to Set-up an Account (download PDF)

Step 1: Go to https://lombardil.azurewebsites.net/ to set up your account. 

Step 2: Click the Apply for an Account tab.  Apply for Account ImageStep 3: Complete the Company and Contact Information page.

Apply for Account Entry Image

Step 4: You will receive an email from the Village of Lombard to confirm your email address.

Step 5: The Village of Lombard will approve or deny your request for an account. Once approved (usually within 24 hours) you will receive an approval email from the Village of Lombard to log into your account.

Step 6: Once logged into your account, click on the Truck Management tab on the left side of the screen to add your truck/tankerTruck Management Image

Step 7: Adding a Truck

a.    Click New

b.    Follow the guidelines below:

Access NumberChoose a four-digit number
PIN (Personal Identification Number)Must be four digits
Truck NameTruck Number of Unique Identifier
DescriptionTruck make, model, etc.
DriverDriver first & last name
Plate #Vehicle License Plate Number
Volume (U.S. Gallons)Capacity of the tank

c. Click Save

How to Operate the Fill Station (download PDF)

Step 1: Using the keypad, type your Access Code and then press ENTERAccess Code

Step 2: Enter the associated PIN # and press ENTERPIN

Step 3: Enter the desired volume of water in gallons and press ENTERVolume

Step 4: Is fill hose connected?  If YES press START to begin filling.Hose Connected

Step 5: Users may pause water flow (120 second max) by pressing FP or press STOP to stop filling.Stop Filling

Step 6: System working will display the volume dispensed and will return to the ready display when fill is complete.System Working