RTA Seniors Ride Free Program

The RTA Seniors Ride Free Program enables senior citizens who are 65 or older to ride all RTA services for free with the appropriate pass. As an authorized Registration Center for the RTA Seniors Ride Free Program, the Village of Lombard offers the service of registering senior citizens for this program to all area seniors. 
  • The senior citizen must come in to the Village Hall, where the Village Front Desk staff will work with him/her to ensure the RTA application form is properly completed.
  • Two (2) pictures of the applicant and a photo copy of his/her valid driver's license or Illinois ID card must also be provided.  To assist seniors in the application process, the Front Desk staff of the Village Hall will take pictures of the applicant and will make a photo copy of the applicant's driver's license or state ID card free of charge.   
  • Front Desk staff will send the required items to the RTA at no cost to the citizen.  The applicant should receive the RTA pass in the mail approximately three (3) weeks after the Village submits the completed forms to the RTA.   

    For questions regarding this service for senior citizens, please call the Village Hall at (630) 620-5700.