Wilson Avenue Path Connections

General Information

Substantial Commencement Date: June 2021
Substantial Completion Date: July 2021
Project Manager: Matthew Lew
Contractor: Globe Construction, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount: $72,219.33
Funding Sources: Construction Fund


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3/11/21 - Newsletter #1
5/27/21 - Newsletter #2

Contact Information

Public Works Department
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Email: publicworks@villageoflombard.org

Construction Engineer: Sarah Hodges
Phone: (708) 331-6700
Email: sarah.hodges@reltd.com

Project Manager: Matthew Lew
Email: lewm@villageoflombard.org
Phone: (630) 620-5740

Forestry Supervisor: Eric Hendrickson
Email: hendricksone@villageoflombard.org 
Phone: (630) 620-5740

After Hours: Lombard Police Department
(630) 873-4400

Project Information

This Project Includes: The improvements include completing missing path sections on Wilson Avenue by Glenbard East High School (GEHS) and Sunset Knoll Park. These sections will have an eight-foot path width. Some parkway trees will be removed to accommodate the widened surface and subsequently replaced after the project is substantially completed.

Project Schedule: This project is scheduled to begin in June 2021 and be completed in July 2021. Advance work including tree removal is scheduled in late March during GEHS Spring Break 2021 to minimize inconvenience to students and the high school. Tree replanting is anticipated to occur in Fall 2021.

Project Limits: This project will be completed on portions of Wilson Avenue between Finley Road and Main Street.
Wilson Ave Path Connection Map
Detour: No traffic detours are anticipated on this project, and pedestrians will utilize the existing continuous sidewalk on the opposite side of Wilson Avenue.

Traffic Impact: The project will impact traffic with temporary lane closures and associated construction work. Any required driveway work will be coordinated with the adjacent property owner. Motorists are reminded to follow traffic signage and exercise caution within the work zone.


How does this benefit me? This project will provide missing path sections along Wilson Avenue including associated safety and walking/biking improvements. The new path sections, near GEHS and Sunset Knoll Park, will be constructed on the south side of Wilson Avenue between Finley Road and Edson Avenue (West Connection) as well as between the GEHS driveways (East Connection). The improvements will create a continuous multi-use path between the high school and park for residents to access the high school, adjacent on-street parking, nearby offsite parking, and Sunset Knolls Park. The widened surface will only extend into the parkway area, and the connections will provide additional space for students during school day arrival and dismissal periods.

Will my road be closed? No road closures are anticipated.

If my driveway is inaccessible where do I park? Most driveways are not anticipated to be inaccessible, and any required driveway work will be coordinated with the adjacent property owner.

Will my parkway trees be impacted? The Village Forestry Supervisor has approved which trees will need to be removed and subsequently replaced due to the path connection improvements. Most trees will need to be replaced on the West Connection, while the East Connection will retain some of its original trees. All removed trees will be replaced in their similar locations with biodiversity overseen by the Forestry Supervisor.

Will my water or sewer service be affected? Water and sewer services are not anticipated to be affected.