IL Route 53 Storm Water Pump Station Improvements

Rt53 Stormwater Pump Station Map

General Information

Tentative Start Date: May/June 2016
Tentative Completion Date: July 2017
Project Manager: Ray Schwab
Bid Opening: April 8, 2016
Contract Award: May 19, 2016
Contractor: Rausch Infrastructure, LLC
Awarded Contract Amount: $5,279,700
Funding Sources: Water/Sewer Capital Reserve

Project Information

Project Limits: The current pump station is located off of Crescent Boulevard just west or I-355. The new pump station will be located at the dead end of Phillips Court.

This Project Includes: 
  • Wet well (for underground pumps and storm water staging)
  • Control building
  • Back-up generator
  • Shallow dry bottom storm water detention pond
  • Concrete access driveway
  • Perimeter security fence
  • Lighting (for security and off hours emergency service)
  • Pump station site landscaping improvements (late spring of 2017)
  • New water main (looped with water main along Route 53) on Phillips Court
  • New water services on Phillips Court
  • Tree removal and replacement on the north parkway of Phillips Court
  • Parkway restoration on the north side of Phillips Court
  • Asphalt patching and resurfacing of the roadway on Phillips Court
  • Demolition of existing pump station

Traffic Impact:
Lane closures along IL Route 53 will occur during work on the large diameter storm sewer along the west side of Route 53. The Village will post details on its website and by Notify Me, in advance of the work being performed.


Public Meeting: March 16th @ 7:00 PM at Lombard Village Hall, Board Room.

Notify Me: Residents within construction areas are encouraged to sign up for Notify Me to receive timely updates regarding construction in their area. Click here to sign up.

Newsletters & Notices: Periodically newsletters and notices are distributed to residents to keep them apprised of current and upcoming construction related events.

6/9/16 Newsletter #1

Contact Information

Public Works Department
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Project Manager: Mr. Ray Schwab
Phone: (630) 620-5740
After Hours: Lombard Police Department
Phone: (630) 873-4400


Why is this project necessary?
1. To provide a facility the will help reduce flooding in and along the northwest quadrant of the Village. This includes adapting the existing outfall (the point where water is discharged to the East Branch of the DuPage River) to increase the capacity of the existing storm sewer system.
2. To make all facilities, accessible during heavy rain events.
3. To bring the facility to up to current building codes and engineering standards.
4. To reduce overall maintenance and operation requirements for the pumping station.

How does this benefit the Village?
It will help mitigate flooding the in north east portion of the Village.

Will there be detours?
Some lane reductions on Route 53 will occur as storm sewer work along the west side of Route 53 is being constructed.

Will the road be closed?
No, only lane closures on Route 53. 

Will my driveway be inaccessible?
Although driveways will be accessible, residents along Phillips Court will experience some construction traffic and are asked to be alert when entering and leaving their homes due to work at the dead end. Crews and small equipment will be accessing the new facility during normal business hours.

Will my water be affected?
A new segment of water main is being constructed on the pump station site. When the connection to the existing water system is being made a 4 hour shut-off will occur. 24 hour notice will be given to affected residents prior to any scheduled water shut-off.

Construction Updates

10/27/17 - Weather permitting, installation of the fence around the perimeter of the Phillips Court site will start the week of October 30th.
9/14/17 - Paving on the northbound side of IL Route 53 is finished and normal traffic flow should resume by late afternoon tomorrow. Starting next week, the southbound side of IL Route 53 will have daily lane reductions 9 AM to 3 PM to replace curb and gutter. This will take two weeks to complete while the new concrete cures.

The new pump station has been tested and will be operating soon. Over the next three weeks, the detention pond and site grading will be completed before seeding and fence installation on the east and west sides, and concrete will be placed for the driveway and around the back-up generator and control building. Concurrently, the old pump station, just west of I-355, will be decommissioned.
9/1/17 - All pumps have been set into the wet well and the station will be tested the week of the 11th. The water main is complete and tested, waiting for IEPA approval for final connection. The curb replacement on the east side of Route 53 and the dead end of Phillips Court is complete. The contractor will disassemble the large crane and take it offsite over the next ten days. The split-face concrete retaining wall on the south and west side of the station is nearing completion.
8/29/17 - Site work is continuing. The dewatering pumps and wells are being removed, underground utility work (water, storm & sanitary) is nearing completion, and the back-up generator has passed a running test. The new water main will be tested later this week. The lane restrictions on Rt. 53 will be in place for a couple more weeks until the curb is restored.
6/14/17 -  The contractor is nearly complete with the foundations for the back-up generator and control building and is backfilling around the perimeter of the new wet well. Mechanical and electrical work related to the lift station is progressing. 

Work on the connection of the 72 inch diameter storm sewer into the wet well is underway. This includes a cast in place chamber that allows for a bypass of the lift station. The bypass will allow the Village to effectively service the lift station. 

The back-up generator and prefabricated control building are scheduled to arrive during the last week of June. 

Water and sewer work on-site and on Route 53 (traffic control that involves lane reductions) will begin the last week of June and continue for about 60 days. 

3/10/17 - The scope of the Illinois Route 53 Station project is primarily comprised of the decommissioning of an old storm water pump station (located near the east branch of the DuPage River just south of Crescent Boulevard) and the construction of a new storm water pump station at the end of Phillips Court. 

The new station will include:

    • An Underground Wet Well (for underground pumps and storm water staging)
    • Control Building (for operating the facility)
    • Back-up Generator
    • Shallow Dry Bottom Storm Water Detention Pond
    • Concrete Access Driveway
    • Perimeter Security Fence
    • Lighting (for security and off hours emergency service)
    • Perimeter and on-site landscaping

Currently the project is scheduled for completion in late July.  The project is behind schedule principally due to ground water issues that prohibited the contractor from completing the excavation of the new wet well.  The dewatering issues have been resolved and the Contractor has completed excavation of new wet well and has been forming and placing the concrete walls for the wet well over the past month and will continue through March.   

In April and May, once the wet well and discharge structures are complete, the contractor will bring the prefabricated control building on-site.  Mechanical and electrical work associated with the facility will then proceed. Items needing to be addressed after the above include:

    • Erecting the electrical panels for the new facility
    • Installing new pumps and piping inside the new wet well
    • Install a back-up generator for the new station
    • Installing new water main and sanitary sewer across Route 53 and on the Phillips Court site.

The above work is scheduled to take place in April through early June.

The last stage of the projects will include:

    • Testing & Commissioning of the New Station
    • Driveway Construction
    • Demolition of Existing Station
    • Pavement Restoration at the dead end of Phillips Court
    • Erection of the Perimeter Fence
    • Landscaping

This work should be completed in June and July. Final landscaping will be dependent upon site work progress and may be delayed until optimal planting in mid-September.

- The contractor has installed the base of the new wet well and is currently installing steel reinforcement bars for the first pour of the walls of the structure. Over the next few weeks the vertical walls of the new structure will be constructed in stages. First construction of the rebar, placing the concrete and then waiting for the concrete to cure, then repeating the process.

Concrete trucks will cycle through the site from Phillips Court to Route 53, as backing in off Route 53 proved to be too precarious for the truck drivers and laborers.