What requires a building permit?

Do I need a Building Permit?Do i need a permit for that

The Village of Lombard requires a building permit for all new structures and updates to existing structures. For more information, see the Village’s Permit Submittal Book, which describes what work requires a permit.

  • Items such as replacing interior doors, and fixtures, (to existing size only, no structural change), and private walkways do not require a permit but may need to meet certain standards established by the Village of Lombard.
  • Backyard Chickens
  • All pools over 24" require a permit.
  • Windows and roofs require a permit.  
  • Patios, decks, and fences require a permit.
  • Playsets (swings, slides, small play houses) require a permit if you are adding a foundation. 
  • Special Events
  • If you live in a building or area with a Homeowners or Condo Association please check with your Board and Management Company before you begin any work. They may require additional approvals above and beyond Village Code provisions.