How to apply for a building permit online

Click here to apply for permits online! (For digital submittal of plans/permits)

File Requirements for Online Permits

The online permitting system accepts the following file types: PDF, JPG, and GIF. Plan sets and plats of survey should always be uploaded as PDFs. Other documents such as letters of intent and owner approvals may be uploaded as JPG or GIF files so long as all text on the document is clearly legible.

You can submit multiple files to the online permitting system. Plan sets with multiple sheets should be submitted as one combined file. Please do not submit each sheet as an individual file. File names should generally describe the document (e.g. plat, architectural plans, engineering plans, etc.). The maximum document size per file is 20 MB.

Helpful Information

Permit Fees

Fees are calculated by permit type at the end of permit review.

If you live in a building or area with a Homeowners or Condo Association please check with your Board and Management Company before you begin any work. They may require additional approvals above and beyond Village Code provisions.

Need more help?

Call the Building Division at 630-620-5750 or watch this how-to video.