Sanitary Sewer Investigation 2022

General Information

Engineering & Field Investigative Services
Engineer: Baxter & Woodman
Field Investigative Services: Duke’s Root Control
Start Date: April 2022
Completion Date: September 2022
Project Manager: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II
Awarded Contract Amount: $123,665.00
Funding Sources: Water & Sewer Fund

Contact Information

Contact: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II/Project Manager Phone: (630) 620-5740

Duke's Smoke Testing Call Center
Phone: (866) 620-0010


Newsletters & Notices: Residents in the project area will be notified by a mailing concerning the smoke testing with an approximate schedule. A feature known as “Notify Me” will enable residents to enroll for email and/or text notices regarding the scheduled activities of the project. Door hanger notices within each area shall also be distributed before smoke testing occurs.

Smoke Testing Newsletter

Smoke Testing Duke's Door Tag


Why is this project necessary? The Village’s Asset Management and Geographical Information System need to be updated and verified, and sources of inflow and infiltration (I & I) need to be reduced. Inflow is water that enters the sanitary sewer system through improper downspout and sump pump connections. Infiltration is groundwater that enters the sewer system through leaks in pipes and structures. Click here to view Duke's Smoke Testing video. 

How does this benefit the Village? The project shall determine the I & I that occurs within the sanitary system, allowing Public Works staff to plan maintenance activities and any potential future improvement projects.

Will this impact traffic and parking? 
During smoke testing, there will be traffic/equipment/workers present to a minor and temporary degree. Residents should exercise caution when approaching any construction traffic. There may be brief temporary lane reductions allowing for the staging of personnel and equipment. Driveway access will be maintained unless extenuating circumstances occur. 

Project Information

Project Limits:
    North Grace Street from East Prairie Avenue to slightly north of East Pleasant Lane.
    North Garfield Street from East Prairie Avenue to View Street.
    North Martha Street from East Prairie Avenue to East Pleasant Lane.
    North Craig Place from East Prairie Avenue to East Pleasant Lane.
    North Stewart Avenue from East Prairie Avenue to East Pleasant Lane.
    North Lombard Avenue from East Prairie Avenue to East Pleasant Lane.
    North LaLonde Avenue from East Pleasant Lane to East Berkshire Avenue.
    North Fairfield Avenue from East Pleasant Lane to East Berkshire Avenue.
    East Pleasant Lane from North Grace Street to North Fairfield Avenue. 
    East Berkshire Avenue from North Grace Street to Joyce Avenue.

Project: The scope of services includes the installation of 4 flow monitors and 8 iTrackers (smart flow sensors) for approximately four months to obtain the effluent flow rate within the local sanitary sewer system. Smoke testing of the sanitary sewer system will also be performed. Baxter and Woodman will then prepare a report with recommendations related to maintaining and improving the sanitary sewer system.

Anticipated Project Schedule: 

Award Date: March 3, 2021
Installation of Flow Monitors: April 2022
Removal of Flow Monitors: July 2022
Smoke Testing: July 2022
Project Report: September 2022