Other developments

Lombard Vet

244-376 E. St. Charles Road
Lombard Veterinary Hospital will construct a new veterinary facility on the site of the former Lombard Vet (244 E. St. Charles Road) and the former ice house building (300-376 E. St. Charles Road). The Village Board approved the project in January 2023. Demolition of existing buildings expected to begin late September 2023.

Ace Hardware

837 S Westmore Meyers Road
Ace Hardware is petitioning the Village to build an outdoor garden sale.  The Village Board approved the project.

Village Hall - Fleet Building 

255 E Wilson Avenue
Approved expansion to the Public Works Fleet Building. Site work has begun. 

Heritage Cadillac

303 W Roosevelt Road
Heritage received zoning entitlements, and an economic incentive, to rebuild a portion of their showroom and make site improvements.  The project is under construction.

Panda Express

359 E Roosevelt Road
Freestanding restaurant with a drive-through. The restaurant opened in Summer 2023.

Usmania Prime

855 E Roosevelt Road
Approvals received for a new restaurant on vacant land. A mass grading permit was issued in February 2023.

Midwest Car Connect

747 E Roosevelt Road
Zoning entitlements approved for car sales. 

Tidal Wave Car Wash

352 E Roosevelt Road
Approved car wash facility.

Lombard Cold Storage 

448 W North Avenue
Under Construction freezer-warehouse building.

Oakview Estates

400 E St Charles Road
30-unit apartment building approved December 1, 2022. Permits are under review. 

Norbury Crossing Subdivision

20th Street, near Main Street
19-lot single-family subdivision was approved by the Village Board in 2022. Construction on utilities, street extension, and stormwater infrastructure is underway.

Olive Garden

86 Yorktown
Restaurant open.

Hilton Tru

550 E. 22nd Street 
The hotel project is on hold due to Covid.  It was approved on August 16, 2018.  The single-family home previously on site was demolished in December 2019. 
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Unincorporated DuPage County, Former Ken Loch Golf Course, South Finley Road
In December 2013, DuPage County approved zoning actions for the redevelopment into a multiple family residential development.  The Woodmoor project consists of 288 apartment units in 4 buildings and 100 townhome units.  The Village continues to work with Donven Homes and DuPage County.  As an unincorporated property, police services will be provided by the DuPage County and not the Village. Public street maintenance will be provided by York Township. The developer was required to pay impact fees to the respective school districts and, in the future, annual property taxes to the schools in a similar fashion as incorporated properties. 
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