Roosevelt Road Water Main Lining - Phase 2

Roosevelt Rd WM Lining Map

General Information

Tentative Start Date:
 March 2017
Tentative Completion Date: October 2017
Project Manager: Matthew Lew
Bid Opening: March 7, 2016
Bid Award: December 1, 2016
Contractor: Fer-Pal Construction USA, LLC
Awarded Contract Amount: $4,273,162.10
Funding Sources: 100% funded by IEPA Drinking Water State Revolving Fund *

Contact Information

On-site Construction Engineer: Matt Champine Phone: (248) 756-2626
Project Manager: Matthew Lew
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Public Works Department
Phone: (630) 620-5740
After Hours: Lombard Police Department
(630) 873-4400    

Project Information

Project Description: This 2017 project will complete the underground utility (water main lining) construction along Roosevelt Road begun in 2016. These improvements included 9,300 additional feet of cured-in-place water main lining, fire hydrants, and water system valves.     

Project Location: Roosevelt Road from Fairfield Avenue to Wisconsin Avenue (approx. 1 mile.)

Traffic Impact: This project will have highly impact the motoring public and alternate routes are encouraged. Lane closures and traffic delays are anticipated, and motorists should exercise caution within the work zone.


Public Meeting: Public Open House on February 28, 2017 from 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. at Lombard Village Hall, 255 E. Wilson Ave., Lombard.

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Newsletters & Notices: Periodically, newsletters and notices are distributed to residents to keep them apprised of current and upcoming construction related events.

2/7/17    Public Meeting Notice
2/23/17  Press Release


Why is this project necessary? The Village has experienced significant underground utility (water main) break history along Roosevelt Road. The Village evaluated several cost effective options to decrease future system maintenance and minimize impact to business owners and motorists before selecting this project.

How does this benefit the Village? This project will reduce future water main breaks, provide more than a 50-year life span of the existing water main, and provide greater safety for Village personnel during future maintenance.

Will the road be closed? Westbound and eastbound traffic on Roosevelt Road will be intermittently reduced to one lane in either direction throughout the project duration. The southbound right turn lane at Westmore-Meyers Road and Roosevelt Road may be closed when the contractor is working at that intersection.

Will there be detours? No detours are anticipated for this project. Will my driveway be inaccessible? All driveways will remain open for the majority of the project. Driveways will be briefly affected during construction of a temporary by-pass water main system, which will generally be no longer than one day. Notice will be given prior to any scheduled driveway closures.

Will my water service be affected? Water service will be interrupted for a very short period when the contractor installs a temporary by-pass water main system for the project. Notice will be given prior to any scheduled water service interruption.

* The construction of the Roosevelt Road Water Main Lining to the Village of Lombard water system is financed by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF). The SRF program is administered by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and receives a portion of its money to fund these types of projects from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. SRF programs operate in each state to provide communities the resources necessary to build, maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects one of our most valuable resources: water.


11/15/17 - The Village has successfully completed the final 2017 phase of the Roosevelt Road Water Main Lining project. The two-year project was installed to reduce water main breaks and extend the life of the existing water mains for 50 years. The 2017 phase was constructed approximately $230,000 under budget and three weeks ahead of schedule. The Village project team reduced total construction cost over the entire project by approximately $920,000

3/24/17 - The project will begin the week of March 27, 2017, pending weather. The project includes both directions of Roosevelt Rd. between Fairfield and Wisconsin Avenues. The overall project is expected to continue through October 2017.

The right lane of eastbound Roosevelt between Westmore-Meyers Road and Wisconsin Avenue is anticipated to be closed beginning March 27th. Motorists may encounter traffic delays throughout the construction due to lane closures and may seek to use alternative routes.

All driveways to businesses and residences will remain accessible. Drivers are reminded to follow all traffic laws, obey posted signs, and to exercise caution in the work zone.

Phase II extends the work completed in late 2016 ahead of schedule and under budget. The purpose of the project is to reduce water main breaks and to extend the life of existing water mains for 50 years.