Woodmoor Redevelopment

Former Ken Loch Golf Course - Donven Homes’ Woodmoor Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated June 2018: There is an Open House scheduled for Thursday, June 28 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Lombard Village Hall, 255 E. Wilson, in the Community Room.

In December, 2013, DuPage County approved zoning actions for the Ken Loch Golf Course redevelopment into a multiple family residential development.  The Woodmoor project will consist of 288 apartment units in 4 buildings and 100 townhome units.  The Village of Lombard prepared this summary specifically for the Open House event to answer the latest common questions.

Has Donven Homes (Woodmoor Development LLC) acquired the property?

Yes, they closed on the real estate on May 31, 2018 and they are ready to proceed with the project this year.

When will construction start?

Donven Homes intends to start site construction in June 2018.  The first actions will consist of placing siltation fencing along the north property line and around the existing wetland area, all to ensure that no encroachments occur during the construction process.  Selected trees will then also be removed. The next phase of work will include regrading activities and the creation of the stormwater detention facilities.  Construction of any townhome or apartment units would not occur until requisite stormwater detention facilities are in place and operational, likely in the Fall, 2018.

What remaining actions still need to be taken by the Village?

No additional actions need to be taken by the Lombard Village Board.  The previously approved utility agreements are in place and will be followed through the development process.  Upon receipt of a Letter of Credit from the Developer, the Village will begin to release permits for the utility connection activities.

Is Donven Homes still going to address past concerns raised by neighbors?

Donven Homes originally entered into a utilities agreement with the Village to help adjacent property owners address past flooding concerns near the project.  The agreement provides for, in addition to required stormwater detention for the Woodmoor development itself, an additional detention facility on the Ken Loch property to accommodate runoff from the adjacent neighborhood(s).  In addition, stormwater will be diverted during heavier rain events into the new detention facility instead of backing up into residential streets and properties.  A new storm sewer pipe will be constructed along 18th Street, in a new easement, to convey the stormwater to the new detention facility.  The Village will be working with the affected property owners in this regard.   .

What has been the Village’s role in this process?

The Village continues to work with Donven Homes and DuPage County and will be a partner through the construction stages of the project.  The Village will also be taking a lead role in the traffic signal enhancements and companion roadway improvements at the Finley Road and Oak Creek Drive intersection.

What benefits may be derived from this development?

Donven will be obligated to address the existing condition of the existing bicycle path east of their property through its relocation and construction.  Vegetation along the east property line will also be enhanced.  The project will address and preserve the wetland areas.  An additional sidewalk will be constructed along Finley Road abutting the development.  Traffic signal enhancements will also be undertaken at Oak Creek Drive and Finley Road.

How does DonVen Homes benefit from working with the Village?

In consideration of these improvements, the approved utility agreement allows Donven Homes to connect to the Village’s public water and sanitary sewer systems.  The final terms of the utility connections and the aforementioned site improvements also require Donven Homes to work closely with Village staff on the required improvements. 

Who is Urban Street Group and what will their role be in this development?

Urban Street Group will be the development entity of the apartment units for the project.  They will proceed with the apartment construction after Donven Homes has completed all of the site engineering improvements.  Donven Homes will still be the developer of the townhome units.

What is the target market for the rental properties?

Donven Homes has estimated that the rental rates for the project will be about $1,400 to $2,000 a month depending on unit size.  Per their original market analysis, the townhome units would be in the sales price range of $250,000 to $310,000.

The utility agreement also identified neighborhood input regarding the final vegetation along the eastern portion of the development.  How will this be done?

The final landscape plan attempts to address the impacts of development while addressing the desire of adjacent residents to have input on the plan.  A conservation easement established by the County will require the buffer plant materials to remain in place.  Initial tree clearing work to accommodate the proposed development will begin in June 2018.  Additionally, construction siltation fencing will be installed to protect the wetlands on the site and minimize impacts of development on the Four Seasons property.

How will construction traffic impact the neighborhood to the east?

Construction activity within the Knolls of Yorktown and Yorktown Woods area would be limited to those vehicles that are undertaking engineering work on the far eastern end of the project as well as within the existing subdivisions itself.  The apartment and townhome construction activity will access the site from Finley Road.

What about the existing pathway?

The existing pathway will be reconstructed and shifted to the west.  The origin and termination points of the pathway will remain unchanged.  The pathway will be reconstructed by Donven Homes with ongoing physical maintenance to be performed by the Village.

What kind of construction rules will apply to the contractor in terms of hours of operation, clean up, etc.?

Donven Homes has committed to being a good neighbor through the construction project.  DuPage County sets the hours of construction for activity on their property.  Per their Building Code, construction hours are 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.  The Village would regulate any construction activity in Lombard.  Lombard’s construction hours are 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.  The developer is obligated to clean up any dirt and/or debris that is on the public right-of-way.

How can I stay informed about this project?

DuPage County is responsible for the final development approvals on the site itself and questions can be transmitted to county staff at (630)407-6500.  Donven Homes has also committed to keeping the Village abreast of all activities associated with the project.  Residents can also contact the Lombard Community Development Department at (630)620-5700 for more information.  Donven Homes, as general contractor, will be in attendance at the meeting to answer any specific questions.  Once construction is starting, a companion development sign will also be erected to inform interested parties regarding developer contact information accordingly.

Will there be additional meetings regarding the project?

There is an Open House scheduled for Thursday, June 28 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Lombard Village Hall, 255 E. Wilson, in the Community Room.