Edson/Wilson Manhole Aerator

General Information

Tentative Start Date: TBD
Tentative Completion Date: August 10, 2018
Project Manager: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II
Contractor: TBD
Awarded Contract Amount: TBD
Funding Sources: Water Sewer Capital Reserve

Contact Information

Public Works Department
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Email: publicworks@villageoflombard.org

Project Manager: Ray Schwab
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Email: schwabr@villageoflombard.org

Project Information

Project Limits: The intersection of Edson and Wilson Avenues.

The Purpose of the Project is: To alleviate sewer odors and reduce corrosion resulting from the sanitary sewer force main discharging into the manhole located within the Edson/Wilson intersection.

Project Schedule: May - August


Notify Me: Residents and Business Owners within construction areas are highly encouraged to sign-up for Notify Me. Notify Me will provide a more specific timeline as to traffic control will be put in place and detours will be in effect and the progress of the project. Notify Me will also alert the recipients as to exactly when the intersection will reopen. To receive timely updates regarding construction, sign up for Notify Me.

Newsletters & Notices: One notice will be mailed to residents and businesses located near the intersection. The notification will inform residents/businesses about the closure and detours.


Why is this project necessary? The elimination of sewer odor is the primary objective of the project. Current methods are only effective for a short time and still are not effective under certain weather and/or operating conditions. Like any other asset, manholes deteriorate over their service life and need to be periodically maintained. By lining the manholes, corrosion due to H2S is significantly reduced and the service life of the structure is extended.

How does this benefit the Village? The scope of the project will have three benefits. One is the reduction of sewer odors, the second is the rehabilitation of the manhole and the third is the construction of an emergency bypass in the event there are any issues related to the servicing or maintain the discharge manhole.

Will there be detours? Yes, traffic will not be allowed thru the intersection during construction. Residents along Wilson and Edson Avenues will have access to their driveways. Wilson Avenue residents who live west of the intersection should enter and leave from Finley Road. Those who live east of the intersection should access Wilson Avenue from Main or Elizabeth Streets. Residents on streets south of Wilson should use Central Avenue or Edward Street as their primary alternate east or west route. Residents on streets north of Wilson Avenue should use Ethel Avenue as their alternate east west route. Motorists who are not local residents should utilize Edward Street or Ethel Avenue as an east /west detour route.