Central Station Reservoir Improvement

Central Station Reservoir Improvements

General Information

This project involves two contracts.
The first is the demolition of the Central Reservoir and the Pressure Adjusting Station.
Start Date: August 6, 2018
Tentative Completion Date: Mid-September 2018
Project Manager: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II
Contractor: Omega III, LLC
Awarded Contract Amount: $107,750.50
Funding Sources: Water & Sewer Fund

The second contract is for the construction of a new Pressure Adjusting Station and Parking Lot.
Start Date: Early October 2018
Tentative Completion Date: Late Spring/Early Summer 2019
Project Manager: Ray Schwab, Civil Engineer II
Contractor: TBD
Awarded Contract Amount: TBD
Funding Sources: Water & Sewer Fund

Contact Information

Public Works Department
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Email: publicworks@villageoflombard.org

Project Manager: Ray Schwab
Phone: (630) 620-5740
Email: schwabr@villageoflombard.org

After Hours: Lombard Police Department
Phone: (630) 873-4400


Notify Me: Residents and business owners within construction areas are encouraged to sign up for Notify Me to receive timely updates regarding construction your area. Sign up for Notify Me.

Newsletters & Notices: One initial notice will be mailed to local residents/businesses and also provided to commuters regarding the scope, construction, anticipated schedule and alternate commuter parking options. Any further notices will normally be provided by Notify Me. 

8/1/18 - No Parking Notice


Why is this project necessary? The water reservoir at 50 East St. Charles Road has exceeded its service life. The future replacement water storage facility will provide a more efficient and responsive water supply network, allowing the Village to continue meeting all IEPA and Village standards into the future.

How does this benefit the Village? The benefits of the project will be an improved and more resilient water distribution network regarding fire flow, water pressure and water quality. Other benefits will be additional commuter parking and a message board to inform all travelers in the St. Charles corridor of various Village events and important notices.

Will this impact traffic and parking? There may be short-term lane reductions on St. Charles Road, as work progress and construction equipment and materials enter and leave the site. However, the primary impact will be limited to commuter parking, which will be relocated within the downtown area.

Project Schedule

Project Limits: 20/50 East St. Charles Road

This project includes: Demolition of the 600,000 gallon concrete tank and the associated pump station facility that was built in 1935. The second part of the project will include a new pressure adjusting station, water testing laboratory, vehicle and equipment storage. The project also includes the reconstruction of the commuter/shopper parking lot with additional spaces, new lighting and a message board. 

Demolition Project Schedule:                                                                 Pressure Adjusting Station and Parking Lot Project Schedule:
 Bid Opening: June 27, 2018                                                                       Bid Opening: August 27, 2018
 Project Award: July 19, 2018                                                                       Project Award: September 20, 2018
 Project Start: August 6, 2018                                                                       Project Start: Early October 2018
 August 8th through August 20th Demolition of the water reservoir              Project Completion: Late Spring/Early Summer 2018
 August 21st through August 28th Demolition of the pump station
 August 29th through September 7th Backfill, rough grade, demobilization
 Project Completion: Early September 2018 

Construction Updates

9/7/18 - The demolition of the downtown water reservoir and the associated building (pressure adjusting station/water testing facility) on East St. Charles Road (just west of the Fire Station) has been completed.

The Village has awarded a contract in the amount of $2,093,000.00 to Joseph J. Henderson & Son, Inc. of Gurnee to construct a new water pressure adjusting station, underground utilities, commuter/shopper parking lot and site lighting. Work is anticipated to start in late September/early October and be completed in the Summer of 2019.