Lombard Garden Club

The Lombard Garden Club's main object is to promote an interest in gardening and to aid in beautifying the landscape of the Lombard community.

The Lombard Garden Club is a membership organization that holds monthly program meetings to increase gardening knowledge of members and the general public. In addition to the meetings, the club holds two major public events a year: the Lilac sale in the spring and Prairie Days in the fall.

Horticulture Study Group are two sub-groups of the club (one daytime, one evening) which address topics of interest. The club sponsors the Junior Garden Club, the Lilacia Park Butterfly Garden, the Maple Street Chapel Garden. It assists the Historical Society with its Victorian herb and Sheldon Peck Pioneer gardens.

Once a year select members open their gardens for visits by other members.

Lombard residents studying for a degree in horticulture or related botanical studies are eligible to compete for scholarships awarded by the Lombard Garden Club.