Mr. Z's Food Market 75 Years of Service


Mr. Z’s Food Market 75 Years of Service
--Proclaimed February 21, 2008 

WHEREAS, three generations of the Zeidler family are celebrating 75 years of owning and operating the family-owned grocery store business; and

WHEREAS, Herman and Clara Zeidler opened their first grocery store in Chicago in the 1920’s before moving to 675 W. St. Charles Road in Elmhurst in 1933 followed by the opening of a store at 727 S. Main Street in Lombard; and

WHEREAS, in 1976 the Mr. Z’s food store was relocated to 401 S. Main where it remains today as a customer-friendly food store that carries between 35,000 and 40,000 items; and

WHEREAS, there have been many changes in those 75 years including scanning items and use of computers versus handwriting the prices of items purchased on a brown paper bag and adding the cost of the items in your head; and

WHEREAS, the Mr. Z’s food mart has been an integral part of the Lombard community for so many years serving the residents with quality meats and thousands of grocery items; and

WHEREAS, the Zeidler family motto of “neighbors helping neighbors” is not only evident in their family-owned business, but also in the many ways that the family has served and helped the community such as helping to build a playground, working with the German and Italian Fests, selling tickets for events such as the Maple Street Chapel, and serving on the YMCA and Chamber Boards;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, William J. Mueller, President of the Village of Lombard, do hereby proclaim February 21, 2008 as Mr. Z’s 75th Anniversary Day in the Village of Lombard thanking the Zeidler family for the years of service to the community.