Citizen's Incident Report

If you feel that you or your property have been damaged as a result of any acts or omissions of the Village or any of its officers, employees, agents or contractors, you may, subject to the Village's review of the facts and circumstances surrounding any such acts or omissions, be entitled to some compensation. 

You will need to complete a Citizen's Incident Report form to initiate the review process.  This report is to be used by any citizen involved in a vehicle accident or incident occurring on municipal property which may or may not have required first-aid or hospital treatment, or resulted in the citizen complaining of discomfort or damage to private property as a result of the incident.

Completing this form will allow you to begin the process through which your claim can be reviewed by the Village. Please be advised that it is essential to complete the form in full and in detail so that your claim can be properly evaluated.

If you would like to get a hard copy of the Citizen's Incident Report form to complete, please come to the Lombard Village Hall or contact the Administrative Coordinator in the Village Manager's Office, Gina Sanders, at 630-620-5904.

Once a completed Citizen's Incident Report form is returned to the Village Hall, the form will be reviewed by the Village's risk management staff, and may be forwarded to the Village's third party administrator. The Village of Lombard uses a third party administrator to assist the risk management staff within the Village Manager's Office in administering general liability claims.  The third party administration will conduct an investigation and report back to the Village's risk management staff with a recommendation relative to the disposition of the claim. You will be notified of the Village's final decision relative to your claim by either the Village Manager's Office  or by the third party administrator for the Village.
Click Here for the Citizen's Incident Report form.