Planning Services


The Planning Services Division involves both immediate and long-range planning as well as community and economic development activities.  Planning Services includes:
This Division also reviews building permits, Certificates of Occupancy, and licenses.

What is a public hearing?

A public hearing is one potential step in the Village’s development review process.  The Village of Lombard 
development review process begins when a private citizen, property owner or a representative of the property owner, requests the Village’s approval for a new land use or development.  If the plans comply with all applicable zoning, sign, subdivision, building and engineering ordinances, the appropriate permits will be issued.  If the proposed use or development does not comply with the Village’s zoning, sign or subdivision requirements, the property owner may request a change or variation to the zoning or subdivision regulations.  The purpose of a public hearing is for the public to review and comment on a property owner’s request for relief from the Zoning, Sign and/or the Subdivision and Development Ordinance(s).  Every property owner within the Village of Lombard has the right to request (or authorize other persons to request) deviation relief from the Lombard Zoning, Sign and/or Subdivision and Development Ordinance(s).  

The Plan Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) are the two public forums in which a property owner can request a change or deviation to the Zoning and Subdivision and Development Ordinances.  These entities conduct and make a formal recommendation to the Board of Trustees.