School District #45 150th Anniversary


"School District #45 150th Anniversary,"
Proclaimed May 1, 2008.

WHEREAS, School District 45 opened its doors on December 24, 1857 for 19 families under the direction of teacher N.N. Johnson with a school term of four months in a one-room school house located at the corner of St. Charles Road and Meyers Road and was named the Meyers Road School after the prominent Meyer family; and

WHEREAS, School District 45 originally called District 9 was renamed District 45 in 1902 and after a 1908 referendum, School District 45 built a new four-room school named Ardmore School for 59 students; and

WHEREAS, by the year 1922, School District 45 had 322 students and after a series of referenda, Lincoln (’24), Washington (’24), Westmore (’26) and Franklin (’27) schools were built; and in 1925 the first Superintendent, H.E. Hinkel was hired with a student population of 600 children and under his tenure the population increased to 1,500; and

WHEREAS, in 1948 a Citizen’s Advisory Committee was formed and in 1950 recommended the expansion of existing buildings and the construction of two junior high buildings and by 1971, School District #45 had opened 10 more schools, Jackson Junior High (’53), Jefferson Junior High (’62), Edgewood (’55), Madison (’56), North (’56), Schafer (’57), York Center (’58), Iowa (’62), High Ridge (’67) and Stevenson (’71); and

WHEREAS, by 1980 and a decrease in student population, Edgewood, Franklin, Iowa and Madison Schools were closed and in 1982 High Ridge, Lincoln and Washington Schools were closed; and

WHEREAS, during the 1982-83 school year, a time capsule was buried to celebrate the district’s 125th anniversary which was unearthed on March 27, 2008 and its contents placed on display at a community celebration hosted by the Villa Park Public Library and the Villa Park Historical Society; and

WHEREAS, in the current school year, School District 45 celebrates its 150th anniversary with six elementary schools, two middle schools, a student population of 3,537, at least 38 languages spoken, cutting-edge computer technology, but with the focus still remaining on student achievement;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, William J. Mueller, President of the Village of Lombard, do extend our congratulations to all of the students, teachers and staff of School District 45 on the celebration of their 150th anniversary.