I pay taxes. Why don’t my tax dollars pay for this service?

While taxes in Illinois remain some of the highest in the nation, it is important to remember that the Village of Lombard receives less than $0.08 of each property tax dollar to provide for its core services. (Public safety provided by Police and Fire Departments; road, sewer, and water maintenance from Public Works; building and code enforcement from Community Development, and responsible long-term financial planning from the Finance Department.)  Lombard’s percentage of property taxes is 7.36%, followed by the Park District at 5%, the Helen Plum Library at 5.60%, DuPage County at 3.79%, and York Township at 1.09%. The majority of property taxes (77.16% or $0.77 of every dollar) goes to the School Districts.

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10. I pay taxes. Why don’t my tax dollars pay for this service?
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